Truckee, Calif. – (July 18, 2023) Hardy Bullock has announced he will seek a second term on the Nevada County Board of Supervisors. Bullock has released the following statement:

Hardy Bullock
Hardy Bullock

“It has been an honor to serve the Eastern County and the entire region as the District 5 Supervisor. I’m running for re-election for one simple reason, I love Truckee, Nevada County, and the entire Sierra region. I had a plan when I arrived. Build goodwill between stakeholders, bring service and support to East County, enhance the lives of people I serve and integrate Nevada County locally, regionally and nationally. The first year of my service was one of the most challenging times our community has ever faced. When our Truckee Community was locked down during the first phase of vaccination, our TTUSD school system could not open. I worked with our County CEO, TTUSD Board president and school administrators to bring a rapid vaccination program to TTUSD, get 800+ team members vaccinated as one of the first groups in the nation, reopen our schools, our economy and our communities. The COVID times were impossibly difficult, and my singular focus was making decisions to support our health professionals and our community. One of my contributions was an immediate grant funding stream to our community for resilience; businesses small and large in Truckee received lifesaving support.”

With the support of colleagues, the entire Nevada County team and most importantly the community, Bullock completed a few first-time initiatives which include:

  1. The first Justice – Equity – Diversity – Inclusion Mission and Vision Statement and action plan.
  2. The first full-time executive staff serving the East County.
  3. First contributions to workforce housing for the East County.
  4. First $1,000,000 contribution toward a regional library.
  5. First integrated regional group to combat peak period visitation and impact.
  6. First Board funding objective for recreation management and planning.
  7. First Board objective for climate change and environmental sustainability.
  8. First regional sustainability summit.
  9. First dedicated East County community care coordinator for health and human services.
  10. First full-time OES Director, Grants Coordinator, Forestry Coordinator, and support staff for mitigation of wildfire threats.
  11. First appointment of an East County Nevada County Fire Safe Council Board member.

“These accomplishments were achieved by building relationships that serve the entire regional community. Attaining change in government takes hard work and tough conversations. Being able to disagree with respect, while building goodwill when the stakes are high is the most challenging work we do in support of our community. My efforts continue with our State and Federal delegation to bring support and representation to our community. Despite partisan affiliation, my relationship with our State and Federal elected officials has resulted in direct regional support. I’m honored to serve others first and foremost and remain accessible, responsive and hardworking. This is my pledge for re-election,” says Bullock.

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