One hundred and fifteen employees, with a combined service of 1,235 years to Nevada County, were recognized today. Thank you for your service.

“We do so much work within our community, throughout the state, and in some cases even the nation, and when we talk about the programs that we are so proud of, it’s the people that make them work,” said Board of Supervisors Chair Ed Scofield before recognizing the six employees receiving service awards for 25 years. “There’s a tremendous amount of pride in our employees and what we do. This is really an honor.”

“I am honored to come to work every day and work with such a smart, dedicated team. Our staff is committed to providing the highest level of service to our community, which shows with how many employees we recognized for their service here today,” added CEO Alison Lehman.

25 Years of Service

Kim Cuisinot, Behavioral Health
Dawn Federmeyer, Behavioral Health
Robert Hoskin Roads, Maintenance
Annette Lefrancois, HHSA-Admin
Jeannette Mullenax, Sheriff Truckee
Mike Sypnicki, Probation

25 years 2023

20 Years of Service

Alicia Burget, Sheriff Operations
Linda Luchessa, Sheriff Truckee
Hope Claar, Probation
Olivia Ellis, Dept Social Services
Elizabeth Hare, Sheriff Corrections
Timothy Highsmith, Sheriff Operations
Jon Nau, Sheriff Corrections
William Prechter, Transit

Christopher Stanio, Sheriff Operations
Merrill Straub, Probation
Matthew Steen, Sheriff Operations
Mike Cooper, Fleet
Russell Greene, Sheriff Operations
Tamara Holdcroft, Sheriff Dispatchers
James Kraywinkel, HHSA-Admin
Jason Spillner, Sheriff Adm Support Services

20 years 2023

15 Years of Service

John Agostinho Roads Maintenance
Angelina Coffey Probation
Laurel Foster HHSA-Admin
David Garcia Solid Waste Western
Cindy Hunt Human Resources
Keri Klein Public Defender
Andrew Liller Sheriff Operations
Mechelle Morgan Child Support Services
Esteban Salinas District Attorney
Pat Schoellerman IS Admin

Shelly Talbot District Attorney
Tim Walz Solid Waste Western
Jonathan Blix Sheriff Corrections
Micah Arbaugh Sheriff Operations
Meri Fisher Dept Social Services
Kathy Gibbons Public Health
Dennis Haack Sheriff Operations
Anna Tyner District Attorney
Brandon Weiss Sheriff Truckee
Holly Whittaker Public Health

15 years 2023

10 Years of Service

Jim Amaral, Probation
Margie Castellanos, CDA Admin
Daniel Gomez, Transit
Bradley Rist, Waste Water Management
Rory Sonnier, Sheriff Operations
Sheree Toller, Sheriff Adm Support Services
Leslie Vera, Library Admin
Luci Wilson, Agriculture Services
Trina Woodward, Sheriff Adm Support Services
Brandon Lampe, Sheriff Court Security

Shauneen Deschaine, CEO
Gregory Faber, Sheriff Adm Support Services
Monte Gillan, Building Inspection
Piret Griffith, Library Branch 3 – Truckee
Kevin Gunning, IS Admin
Denise Harben, District Attorney
Paul Johnson, Child Support Services
Catrie Levenson, Environmental Health
Dustin Moe, Sheriff Operations
Jeffrey Petersen, Behavioral Health

10 years 2023
10 years 2023

5 Years of Service

Mellissa Alisch, Dept Social Services
Casey Ayer, District Attorney
Jason Costa, Building Inspection
Chris De Nijs, Agriculture Services
Justin Drinkwater, Facilities Management
Ashley Fucci, Treasurer – Tax Collector
Danielle Funk, Child Support Services
Cheryl Gonzales, Dept Social Services
Jerrilyn Gow, Behavioral Health
Melissa Hawk, IS Admin
Crystal Jennings, Library Branch 2 Grass Valley
Linnea Johnston, Child Support Services
Nick Curtain, Sheriff Operations
Jennifer Borchert, District Attorney
Acacia Daniels, Auditor – Controller
Casey Davey, Behavioral Health
Deirdre Day, Dept Social Services
Ruby Jean De Quiroz, Dept Social Services

Amanda Ellis, CDA Admin
Michael Haines, Sheriff Corrections
Darren Hamberlin, Behavioral Health
Nicole Johnson, Environmental Health
Priya Kannall, Behavioral Health
Taylor King, Sheriff Operations
Christopher Lambert, Sheriff Corrections
Kristen Layton, Sheriff Corrections
Bonny Long, Behavioral Health
Jay Marshall, Airport
Tracy Miller, Dept Social Services
Donna Morello, Library Branch 2 Grass Valley
Jaymie Nicholson, Dept Social Services
Thomas Oates, IS Admin
Michelle Oconnor, Dept Social Services
Carlos Ortega, Roads Maintenance
Brendan Phillips, Behavioral Health
Sylvia Pichitino, Behavioral Health

Lauren Plantenga, Library Branch 2 Grass Valley
Tiffani Rooney, Dept Social Services
Trisha Tillotson, CDA Admin
Rachel Tucker, Library Branch 1 – M Helling
Erika Valdez, Dept Social Services
Kimberly Wellman, Library Admin
Taylor Wolfe, CEO
Patrick Maloney, Waste Water Management
Kathy Miller, Human Resources
Joy Reed, Library Branch 1 – M Helling
Ana Rivera, Behavioral Health
Kenneth Springsted, IS Admin
Zoe Toffaleti, Dept Social Services
Mindy Trygg, Auditor – Controller
Robin Van Valkenburgh, Transit
Haley Wall, Sheriff Corrections
Caleb Warr, Sheriff Operations

5 years 2023

Congratulations to all the Service Awards recipients!

The traditional Cupcake reception followed the ceremony, here are some photos.

All photos by YubaNet’s photographer Penny P. Collins.