NEVADA CITY, Calif. January 30, 2019 – The Nevada County Civil Grand Jury recently released their report on responses to their “Safety and Security at Nevada County Schools” report. “It was immediately apparent to the Jury after reading the responses that safety at our schools is extremely important to the Superintendent of Schools (SoS) and Nevada County school districts. Even though the SoS has no formal authority over the school districts it was clear that recommendations and training given by the SoS are taken seriously, modified where necessary, and quickly implemented by almost all school districts. The SoS has an outstanding staff that recommends, evaluates, and assists in the implementation of school safety plans.

The report details the preparation and cooperation between a slew of agencies and the schools, including monthly meetings of the Community Agencies United for Safe Schools and Safe Streets group.

The Jury learned that every school in western Nevada County is compliant with SoS recommendations and is exceeding them in many cases. Each school has a safety council to discuss site-specific safety issues. The Tahoe Truckee Unified School District operates under the auspices of the Placer County Board of Education.

The Jury commends the SoS and school districts in Nevada County for working hard to improve and safeguard the safety of their students. There is one group The Report does not address except in passing: the parents and guardians of the students. The importance of parents and guardians being fully acquainted with the safety policies and practices of the schools their children attend cannot be overstated.

The full report is available here.