MENDOCINO COMPLEX, Calif. August 2, 2018 – The Nevada County strike team, composed of engines from Ophir Hill Fire, Peardale Chicago Park Fire, Higgins Fire, Nevada County Consolidated Fire and Nevada City Fire is now assigned to the Mendocino Complex.

The complex is composed of two fires, the 74,890-acre Ranch Fire 74,890 acres and the
35,278-acre River Fire. The Nevada County strike team is assigned to the River Fire.

The team has been working hard to hold existing containment lines, add progressive hose lays, battle fast-moving spot fires and more. Both fires continue to have rapid growth when aligned with fuels, topography and wind, but the River Fire is now 50% contained.

The team is on 24-hour shifts and we are grateful they took time out of their recuperation period to share these photos and video with us.

Stay safe!

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