Nevada County is asking residents to weigh in by asking “What Are Your Priorities for Emergency Preparedness?” The short survey is designed to “better analyze gaps in resources and services,” according to a press release.

There is no doubt wildfire is the foremost issue for the community. Other types of natural disasters, like the winter storms experienced between Christmas and New Year’s, can be equally destructive and disrupt routines. Amplified by climate change, these emergencies are becoming more frequent and more damaging.

Nevada County’s primary goal in engaging the community through the survey is to set strategic priorities and securing the necessary resources to implement them. In plain English, identify the most pressing needs and then find funding to solve the problems.

Nevada County’s Office of Emergency Services (OES) will help residents connect to providing their input in a meaningful way via this survey, by attending the numerous community events taking place around wildfire safety.

Vegetation grows back rapidly, and maintenance on county and public roads is a never-ending endeavor. Helping seniors and disabled residents clearing their property – making them and the neighborhoods safer for all – is another great need. Fire districts are struggling to retain and hire staff, emergency communications are hampered by poorly maintained or absent infrastructure outside of towns and cities.


Funding is the most complicated part of the puzzle. Grants by state and federal agencies rarely include maintenance after a project is completed. They also often require matching funds from the agency receiving the grant.

“This input will be critical to informing our path forward around community preparedness and response and any recommendations brought before the Board of Supervisors around a locally controlled measure,” said Assistant CEO Caleb Dardick in response to a query by YubaNet how the data collected will be used. Any sales tax measure would have to be approved by the Board of Supervisors (BOS) first to be on a ballot and approved by Nevada County voters.

Take the survey

Knowing which priorities are most important to residents will inform the county’s next steps. Wildfire and hazard mitigation have been at the top of the BOS priority list for the past years, health and safety being the core services a county provides.

Please take 5 minutes to complete the Preparing for the Future Survey and give your input. Your responses are anonymous and will help the County of Nevada prioritize and plan for the future.