According to the state’s Open Data dashboard, Nevada County had a 51.4 case rate per day based on a 7-day average for the week starting August 2nd. This is the highest weekly case count recorded for Nevada County so far.

Over the weekend, reports of increased hospitalizations due to COVID-19 prompted us to reach out to Dr. Brian Evans, the CEO of Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital.

“There has been a substantial increase in Covid-19 patients coming to the hospital, which have resulted in more admissions. Our winter peak was 15 hospitalized patients, and we have now seen numbers as high as 29 in the last few days. The number of admissions fluctuates on a daily, and even hourly basis. The substantial majority of admissions for Covid are unvaccinated individuals. Nationally, unvaccinated patients make up well over 90% of admissions. At Sierra Nevada, we are having a similar experience. If you haven’t received your COVID vaccination, I strongly encourage you to do so,” Dr. Evans wrote in response to our query.

For questions, call 2-1-1 or visit Homebound residents can contact 2-1-1 to request in-home vaccination services. Find information about COVID-19 in Nevada County at  including signage for local businesses that aligns with the indoor masking recommendations from the CDC, CDPH, and Nevada County Public Health.