The United States Forest Service (USFS) has issued a new order, extending existing forest closures until Sept. 17.
As a result, all NID campgrounds and recreational facilities in the Tahoe National Forest (TNF) will be closed during this period.

Taking extra precautions against fire risks and drought, USFS announced a temporary closure of the TNF earlier in the month. The original order was from Aug. 22 – Sept. 6. After evaluating the dangerous conditions, the new order extends closures until Sept. 17. The forest may re-open on Sept. 18.

NID Recreation Manager Monica Reyes stressed the need to be extremely cautious in forests and wildland: “Every day we see wildfires around and in our communities. This is an unprecedented fire season. The closure will help protect our dry forests from human-caused fires. It may be inconvenient for recreationalists, but it is absolutely necessary.”

NID’s closed recreational facilities include campgrounds at the following locations:

• East Meadows
• Pass Creek
• Pass Creek Overflow
• Aspen Group
• Findley
• Fir Tip
• Woodcamp
• Silvertip
• Faucherie
• Bowman
• Jackson Creek
• Canyon Creek
• Milton

Additional closures include:

• All boat launches and day use areas in the TNF
• All dispersed camp area throughout the Bowman Corridor

Note: Findley and Fir Top Campgrounds will remain closed for the remainder of the season