The word “overqualified” is vague. Do five years of successful experience raise someone to the level of overqualified, or would ten years be necessary?

After recently talking with Natalie Adona, who is running for County Clerk and Recorder, and after reviewing her work experience and accomplishments, I believe “overqualified” is inadequateand does not go far enough in describing her. She is much more experienced and qualified for the Clerk/Recorder position.

Adona has a BA from Cal Berkeley and both a Law degree and a master’s in public administration from American University. She is loaded with warmth, professionalism, and strength. Her education, work experience, and passions are devoted to democratic issues such as voting rights, training volunteers for voting centers, and establishing voting systems with transparency and integrity. The fact she was selected to speak at the prestigious and non-partisan Carter Center in Atlanta, Georgia, on the subject, “Can Presidential Elections Be Stolen” (Here) illustrates her expertise and proficiency.

Combining the two and a half years Adona has been assistant to our current Clerk and Recorder, Greg Diaz, with her academic and professional passions, it is only with complete confidence that I recommend her for your consideration.

Bob Gould lives in Nevada City.