Residents of the Peardale-Chicago Park Fire Protection District will soon be receiving in the mail a Fire Suppression Benefit Assessment ballot. Revenue generated by the assessment would be used to fund additional full-time firefighters to provide 24-hour coverage in the district. Additionally, the district would hire seasonal firefighters to bolster daytime coverage. These additional employees are needed to ensure adequate response in the face of a declining number of volunteer firefighters.

This ballot will give owners of improved parcels the opportunity to vote to increase their property taxes by $236.42 per year, or less than $20.00 per month. This assessment was recommended by a Citizen’s Committee of fellow property owners that has been meeting since November 2020.

To comply with California State law, the Board of Directors hired an engineering firm, Harris & Associates, to conduct the required study. Harris & Associates is responsible for mailing the ballots and tabulating the results. Ballots must be returned by November 10, 2022, and will be counted at the board meeting that evening. The public is invited to attend. The Assessment will pass if 50% plus one of the ballots returned are in favor.

The Benefit Assessment is in no way related to the Nevada County-wide proposed one-half cent sales tax on the November General Election ballot. Every dollar generated by the Assessment will remain within our Fire District for our increased safety.