PENN VALLEY, Calif. April 4, 2019 – Fire Safety and Paramedics are hot topics in Nevada County and specifically for rural areas like Penn Valley as medical care can be 20 to 30 minutes away without local paramedics in Penn Valley itself.

In 2018, Penn Valley Fire Protection District Board Member Bruce came to see the Penn Valley Rodeo Board with a new program that he wanted to establish – a scholarship program to support paramedic certifications for Penn Valley Fire Protection District. The Penn Valley Rodeo Grounds is owned by Penn Valley Fire Protection District Board who for many years put the rodeo on as a fundraiser for the Fire Department so the ties between Penn Valley Fire Protection District Board and the Penn Valley Rodeo run deep and strong. Board members of the Penn Valley Rodeo voted unanimously to seed the scholarship fund with a $1000.00 donation and so it began.

The first recipient, Colin Gault began his Paramedic training in October of 2018. The Paramedic program he is enrolled in has three portions being didactic (classroom) of 456 hours and takes 7 months, clinical rotation (in hospital) 160 hours and 2 months and the field internship (on an ambulance) 480 hours and 4 months. Colin is nearing the end of the didactic portion of the program and is the number one student in his class, a position he has maintained throughout the course.

On April 2nd, the Penn Valley Community Rodeo Association Board was honored to continue our support by donating another $1000.00 towards the Paramedic training scholarship for employees of the Penn Valley Fire.

Penn Valley Fire Protection District is accepting donations now to send another of its employees through the training program in the fall of 2019. As part of the commitment from the employee to receive the scholarship they agree to remain employed by the Penn Valley Fire Protection District for a period of three to five years depending on the amount of money awarded through the scholarship. If they leave, they must reimburse the funds they received. This is a great program and we look forward to the first recipient graduating the program and becoming Licensed as a Paramedic.

To learn more about this invaluable program and or to donate please contact Don Wagner, Fire Chief of the Penn Valley Fire Protection District: Office 530-432-2630 /