Grass Valley’s scenic Wolf Creek Trail is about to become a springtime venue for a series of outdoor theatre performances. Each Saturday in May from 4:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. and again from 6:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m., audiences will be inspired, as they explore their relationship with nature.

“Through art, dance, and word,” explained co-creative director, Jenny Hale, “every performance is a powerful, personal experience that ends with an open, environmental discussion called “Speaking of Nature.” Facilitated by a local expert, audiences will learn and share their views to encourage eco-friendly choices.

Cast members rehearse along Wolf Creek Trail, as they bring local flora and fauna to life.
Cast members rehearse along Wolf Creek Trail, as they bring local flora and fauna to life. Photo by Dee Anne Dinelli

            “As we face extreme weather conditions, fire threats, power outages and water scarcity, we’ll consider how they impact our environment, our community, and our individual outlooks.”

            Funded by a California Humanities grant and sponsored by the Nevada County Arts Council, with the Miners Foundry as their fiscal partner, Project Wild Edges is a multi-media, community theatre project. Performances will begin at a clearly marked point on Freeman Lane, between Tripp’s Auto Repair and the Pine Creek Shopping Center. Audiences of approximately 25 people will gather at the top of the sink hole, caused by a failed culvert several years ago.

The cast consists of creative movers who portray forest animals and elements of nature. Actors include a Guide, Little Wolf (named after the creek below) and Fierce Nature. Their essence is captured in costumes designed by Hale, along with Haute Trash members Kathi Griffis and Judy Nielsen, plus artist Amy Mills.

“All eight performances will strike an imaginative balance of myth and history,” co-creative director, Lisa Barker, added. “A guide will escort audience groups down the sink hole path to the Water Reclamation Plant, where Ron Kenedi’s colorful artwork will be displayed at each of the stations along the way.” Together, Hale and Barker bring a wealth of artistic and environmental expertise to the project.

            Project Wild Edges uses theater, art and movement to face issues that challenge our community. Those attending are advised that a one-half mile walk is required on a wide, ADA paved path. Seating is provided for the discussion at the end. Dogs are not permitted.          

            Tickets are $20.00 each, and may be purchased at the Miners Foundry Cultural Center website, Further details are available at the Miners Foundry website or at