August 16, 2020 – The South Yuba river is in Red Flag condition. Traffic, trash, extreme fire danger and an unprecedented number of people – many of them first-time river goers – are straining limited resources to a breaking point.

From the high country through the Little Town of Washington, via Edwards, Purdon, 49 and Hoyt’s Crossings to Bridgeport, the river canyon is filled with people looking for relief from the heat and the pandemic.

What is being done by the agencies and organizations? What are your concerns and/or suggestions?

The town hall will be held on Thursday, August 20, 2020 from noon to 1:30 pm on Zoom. Register here to participate and hear from electeds, non-profits and agencies. You can send your questions or suggestions ahead of time to

The meeting will be livestreamed and available for later viewing on our YouTube channel.