May 31, 2018 – I am running to be your Sheriff because I love Nevada County. I was born and raised in our wonderful community, and want Nevada County to be the safest place to live, work and visit for everyone.

I am Capable: I am a 28 year career veteran with the Nevada County Sheriff’s Office. I have promoted up to the highest rank. I am the first female sergeant, first female lieutenant, first female captain in the history of the Sheriff’s Office, dating back to 1851.

I have Commanded: I am the only candidate to have commanded all three divisions of the Sheriff’s Office. With this experience I have developed a plan to lead the Sheriff’s office on day one. The plan will provide direction, set a vision,and take a proactive approach to the future. My goals are safer neighborhoods, less property crime, and taking a proactive approach on protecting our most vulnerable;our children and our elders. My objectives will be to ensure we are fully staffed by hiring the best qualified candidates, and promote based on performance; not based on the good ol’ boy system of office politics. That our staff are trained to levels of excellence, and are accountable to the very highest of standards. That we engage with our community in partnerships. That we use technology to be more efficient in our services. That we are transparent with how we provide our services. With changes in California state laws, the evolving nature and political landscape of the law enforcement profession, we need a Sheriff that knows the services we provide,and has fresh new ideas.

I am Collaborative: I will work with the community to provide the services the public wants and need. I am the only candidate to receive the endorsement of eight sitting elected officials in Nevada County including Mayors, Supervisors and City Council members. I received these endorsements because the elected officials understand that my leadership will create better relationships with local government and our citizens.

I am Compassionate: As a community leader I understand the need to treat all people with respect and dignity. I have created programs within the Sheriff’s office to reduce recidivism and help people overcome addiction. I have a proud history of being a member of the Sheriff’s Office Critical Incident Negotiation Team. As a member, leader and Commander of the team, I have witnessed the benefits of de-escalation tactics first hand. As your next Sheriff I will fairly administer the law to all of the citizens of Nevada County.

I am Qualified: I am the most qualified candidate running in the Sheriff’s race. I have the most experience, knowledge and passion for the position. I have had along and successful career with the Nevada County Sheriff’s Office and I strongly wish to continue as your next Sheriff. I will be a Sheriff who is not only tough on crime but also smart on crime.

I respectfully ask for your vote for Sheriff-Coroner-Public Administrator before or on June 5th.

Shannan Moon
Nevada County Sheriff’s Captain

For more information you can visit my website at:
Or find me on Facebook at Moon for Sheriff 2018.