GRASS VALLEY, Calif. October 1, 2018 – Steven Slack dropped out of the Grass Valley City Council race by sending an email to the City of Grass Valley days after participating in a candidate forum, stating he no longer lived within city limits.

YubaNet sent a query to Mr. Slack via email, asking him to clarify his official residency ahead of the candidate forum held on Sept. 26th. “Your mailing address on the official candidacy documents is listed as Browns Valley and the property tax bill for the Richardson Street home is sent to a PO Box in Carmel.” We also asked if Mr. Slack permanently lived in the house on Richardson Street since major remodeling permits are active and the house has a somewhat abandoned look.

In an email dated Sept. 24, 2018 Slack stated, in part “My house on Richardson Street is my legal residence – the place where I remain when not called elsewhere for labor or other special or temporary purpose.  Having experienced both mail and identity theft, I prefer to use post office boxes for campaign, personal, and business correspondence.”

Monterey County, which includes the city of Carmel, had Steven Slack registered as a voter until the end of 2016. Their Elections Office confirmed he voted in Monterey County in 2016. He was canceled from their voter roll after registering in Nevada County in December 2017. The Nevada County Elections Office has no record of Mr. Slack voting in the June Primary. His name will remain on the already printed ballots and any votes for him will be tabulated in the November election.

Ben Aguilar, Bob Branstrom and Hilary Hodge are active candidates in the race for two seats on the City Council.