If your business, organization or agency is closed or a service is canceled/delayed today – let us know. Email news@yubanet.com or text 530-409-9888 and we’ll add you to the list.

Schools and local government services

From Nevada County Superintendent of Schools – Wednesday, March 8 All Western Nevada Schools will be closed today due to current road conditions, food services, and safety concerns.

Due to the snow and road conditions, food service and safety,  today will be a snow day for the Nevada City School District

Unfortunately all Grass Valley Schools and District Programs will be CLOSED today Wednesday, March 8th due to the snow, road conditions, and the inability to operate our bussing and food service programs. We apologize for this inconvenience and we appreciate your patience and understanding.
Take Care!

Sierra College Nevada County Campus is CLOSING campus for the rest of the day, Wed, March 8. All offices will remain closed and all classes and activities are CANCELLED. Thank you for your patience as we reevaluated the situation this morning.

Due to winter weather conditions, all Western and Eastern Nevada County facilities will open at 10:00 am on Wed March 8, 2023.

Based on current road conditions, the Nevada City courthouse start time for today is being delayed to noon today, March 8, 2023. The Truckee courthouse will open for business at 12pm. Calendars will be trailed accordingly.

Camptonville School is closed today due to snow.

Downieville School is closed.


Bouchier-Pritchett Family Medicine in Grass Valley will open at 11:30 am today due to weather.

Waste Management: Trucks are out there today but reporting many areas unserviceable. Already we have three of them stuck in/near downtown Grass Valley due to lack of traction. Let’s hope that once it stops snowing, there will be some sun to melt off the snow. Plan is to continue servicing where we can. Safety tip: if you see a garbage truck on the road- slow down, stay at a distance, and go around only when safe to do so. Even on a sunny day.

Little Friends Child Development Center in Nevada City is closed today due to snow.

Chapa-De’s Grass Valley Health Center will remain closed until at least 1 PM today.

Nevada County Pets in Need Thrift Store on 434 Colfax Ave, GV is closed today in spite of the efforts of the staff and volunteers yesterday to clear the parking area. We will reassess tomorrow.

Adult yoga and all children’s dance and movement classes at the San Juan Ridge Family Resource Center are cancelled today.

Update from YubaDocs: The structural engineer inspected our building and found no structural problems. The roof is designed to flex a bit under load, which it did. This cause some flexing in our drop ceiling, which will resolve when the snow melts or is shoveled off. There are people on the roof right now shoveling. We will be open tomorrow.

FREED’s Grass Valley office remains closed. Staff are working remotely, we are available by phone at 530-477-3333. Thank you for your patience as we handle increased call volumes.

Leni’s Beauty Apothecary on Broad Street in Nevada City is closed, owenr Leni is snowed in at home since the 27th.