Nevada City, Calif. April 20, 2018 – The Tahoe National Forest is partnering with the Army Corps of Engineers to participate in several outdoor, educational Kids in the Woods events. These events encourage fourth grade students to experience their local forest and public lands. “This program is planned and organized around multiple interactive experiences for fourth grade students. Subjects presented include wildlife, fisheries and hydrology,” says Cecilia Reed, a Recreation Manager for the Tahoe National Forest.

These event will take place at the end of April at established recreational sites individually selected to accommodate fourth grade students.

The primary outcome of for this program is to simply get fourth graders outside. Once onsite, students will rotate among interactive stations that include hands-on activities, games, and art projects. Through these activities, the fourth graders will also learn about unique Sierra Nevada ecological components such as food chains, producers and consumers, and decomposers. The Tahoe National Forest recreation team plans to bring this natural history to life in both Spanish and English.

The Kids in the Woods program also provides transportation to the educational sites. The Tahoe National Forest follows California State Science Standards for fourth grade students with an emphasis on both Earth and Life Sciences.

Any school interested may participate. Reed, and the Tahoe National Forest, are determined to provide access to all local fourth grade students and are willing to collaborate with local schools in developing successful programs that encompasses appropriate curriculum and outcomes desired by the Kids in the Woods grant. In addition, the Tahoe National Forest will also continue to reach out to additional schools for expanded participation.

Cecilia also reminds fourth graders to stop by any U.S. Forest Service office to pick up a free “Every Kid in the Park Pass” or download a paper pass online at

Questions, comments, or letters can be directed to: Cecilia Reed,, (530) 478-6263