Thank you for all the support over the years. Susan and I could not have built YubaNet without the continued support of the paying subscribers who keep the lights on at YubaNet HQ and the data flowing to over 14 million pageviews this year. We are humbled by the support and excited to share our expansion plans for 2023.

In a time when newsrooms, streaming services and social media companies are laying people off, we are looking to expand our team. It is a bold but necessary move required to maintain the local news coverage worthy of this vibrant community. We have provided countless hours of emergency coverage, local political updates and event highlights but must expand our team of professionals to bring you the best local coverage in the region.

Of course, we will continue posting all things big and small that you’ve come to rely on. We’ll post bovine stroll alerts, goats misusing their innate Goat Positioning System (GPS) and are happy to share reports from caring readers who keep puppies, bunnies and even peacocks safe until they are reunited with their humans. We’ll also continue to provide explainers, the necessary context to help you navigate life in Nevada County.

We hope you’ll join us by becoming a new subscriber, renewing your subscription or considering increasing your subscription amount. It will be one more reason for us to be thankful today.  

Happy Thanksgiving,
Pascale Fusshoeller

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