NEVADA CITY, Calif. June 17, 2019 – In a world where movie trailers feature heroes and special effects, a new star is rising. Shot in the Sierra Nevada Foothills, this mini movie will be seen throughout the summer on local big screens thanks to the generosity of Sierra Theaters.

The talent and equipment of Nevada County Media, the spirit of a volunteer cast and crew, and the dedication of the first responders made this possible. Here’s a glimpse behind the scenes and ‘exclusive reactions’ from actors and behind the camera luminaries.

Jenn Tamo and Captain Jeff Pettitt of County of Nevada Office of Emergency Services

“The Ready Nevada County campaign is whole-community approach and it was so exciting to be involved in this process. This project had such a local feel. We brought together local talent, volunteers of all ages, government, first responders, law enforcement and business to capture the true magic of our entire community. We hope this trailer leaves people empowered to be a part of the solution,” said Jenn Tamo, Administrative Analyst II, County of Nevada Office of Emergency Services and an avid clapperboard user.

“It’s not a real movie, but it is a real mission sharing an important message. Clean roof and gutters, reflective road signs, and go bags make a big difference in a personal preparedness strategy, but the most important part is connecting with friends and neighbors. We hope the spirit in which it was made inspires everyone to go the extra mile to prepare and help someone else,” adds Sheila Cameron who directed the movie on behalf of Nevada County’s #ReadyNevadaCounty program.

Framing Roxy the dog and Ali Stefancich just right. Don’t forget your pets in an emergency, pack their Go Bags too.

“I am so grateful for the amazing fire preparation tips I’ve gotten from Ready Nevada County. Thanks for being there for us! I’ve learned things I’ve never thought of from locals and fire fighters alike.  Not only pack a bag with important paperwork, pet food, and clothes to keep by the door, but also things like ‘leave your lights on and have a reflective address sign so fire fighters can find your home in the dark’, ‘maintain defensible space so firefighters have a chance to save your house’, and ‘keep a full tank of gas in your car’.  I’ve also talked with my neighbors and we have a plan to save our pets if we’re not home. I’m even ready for the PG&E Public Safety Power Shutoffs. Thank you, Ready Nevada County for spreading this important information far and wide. Learning from you, I feel like I too can help spread the word about being fire ready.” said Stephanie Nix, a Nevada City resident and also the wife of Voice Over actor Geno Salerno.

Michael LaMarca, who manages Sierra Theaters, is equally enthusiastic: “We love that Nevada County is being proactive about wildfire preparedness; and we’re happy to be a part of reinforcing the message to be ready.  The movies are full of heroes doing unbelievable things against all odds to save the world. However, even our real-life heroes, our local firefighters and emergency responders, won’t be able to save the day if we don’t work together to prepare for the inevitable before disaster strikes.”

Watch the final cut and share it with your neighbors!

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