Confused about the best way to meet your electrical needs when a power shut-off interrupts your life or business?  Please join Nevada County Climate Action Now and YubaNet for this Town Hall Webinar to hear from experts who know about generators, battery units, solar systems and community resources.

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Our panelists

Ana Acton, FREED will share solutions and services for people with disabilities and older adults who rely on power for medical or independent living needs.

Lars Ortegren, California Solar Electric will offer tips on assessing your electricity needs and installing cost effective systems including fossil fuel generators and grid-tied solar with battery backup.

Heather Heckler, Connecting Point-211 will advise us on keeping informed and connecting to social support services, communication support, or staying cool or warm in a safe environment in the dynamic environment of a power shut off coupled with the pandemic.

Tracy Huston, Box Power will discuss ways to evaluate cost, reliability, and feasibility of solar plus battery back-up systems based on your specific power use patterns, with energy management tips that can reduce system size and cost.

Jenn Tamo, Nevada County OES, will describe county resources and their collaboration with our local non-profits and agencies to make #ReadyNevadaCounty a reality.