July 30, 2018 – Will Morebeck proudly announces his candidacy for the 2018 elections for N.I.D. Division IV Director.

As the current N.I.D Board President, Morebeck will continue to lead the multi-year Raw Water Master Plan that will provide a framework, which will identify our community’s future water needs and develop alternatives to meet those needs for the next 50 years.

Morebeck will continue his support of the raw water requirements of the $65,206,000 Placer County agricultural economy and the treated water needs of the City Of Lincoln. His priorities will also include local control of the water system, preservation of water rights, conservation of the resources, continued water system delivery upgrades. hydroelectric plant upgrades, dam safety reviews, community choice aggregation opportunities, and future water storage necessities.

Morebeck is the past president of PlacerGROWN and served five terms as the Small Farms representative on the Placer County Agricultural Commission.

Election day is November 6, 2018

Learn more about Will Morebeck and his campaign by visiting www.willmorebeckfornid.com

For contact info and volunteer opportunities willmorebeckfornid@gmail.com

One reply on “Will Morebeck Announces His Re-Election Candidacy For N.I.D. Director Division IV”

  1. Will Morebeck is heartlessly unconcerned about the destruction and devastation that will occur to his fellow Placer County residents if the 5th Dam on our Bear River, which he is pursuing, is built. Placer County homes will be taken by eminent domain; Placer County will lose its only campground, a very popular free day use area along Bear River near Colfax will be inundated after generations of use by local residents; a key living river ecosystem will be destroyed in an area that already has reservoirs on both ends, and public access to Bear River in its only remaining reach will be lost.
    Currently Director Morebeck has approved 5 million dollars spent buying property and homes that NID has paid to demolish. These activities show someone who does not represent all the people. He has stated that he represents big agriculture because “they buy a whole lot of water”. Then it follows that those who don’t buy that much water get less representation.
    Another important point is that if Will Morebeck’s dam does go through, little Bear River will be storing more water in dams than the entire Nevada Irrigation District’s combined storage in its other 5 watersheds. Will Morebeck is not representing the people of Placer County; he is a rubber stamp for the corporate water interests and gross exploitation that Nevada County has focused on the communities of Colfax, Weimar, and Meadow Vista who cannot vote in this upcoming election.
    Morebeck has shied away from the West Placer Groundwater Sustainability Agency where the opportunity exists for storage in the aquifer beneath Lincoln called the North American Sub Basin. Is it because he is uneducated in this area, or simply does not want to learn something new?

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