Grass Valley, CA May 16, 2018 – The YES on Measure E – Citizens for the Future of Grass Valley committee is announcing that the Nevada County Elections office is working to make corrections to the Voter Information Guide, as it applies to the Measure E “Primary Argument For” and the “Rebuttal to the Argument Against” statements.

When the original argument and rebuttal were submitted, they included three signatory names: that of local business owner Daniel Swartzendruber, involved community member Marty Lombardi,and local business professional Elizabeth Poston. These three individuals were the original signers of the petition drive to get Measure E on the ballot. When the Voter Information Guide was published for the Statewide Direct Primary Election, it included only the name of Daniel Swartzendruber as signatory to the argument and rebuttal statements. The other two names submitted were missing.

The Nevada County Elections office was notified and quickly responded saying that the mistake was made during the printing process. They have communicated that they are working to remedy the omission and are mailing direct notices to all City of Grass Valley registered voters.

According to the Elections Office they will be mailing these notices, today, Wednesday, May 16th. Additionally, they have included the corrected measure arguments on their website for voters to see. While it is unfortunate that the signatories were omitted, the committee is grateful for the Election’s Office’s prompt response and their efforts to inform the voters.

It is important for the voters to know who is offering arguments for and against any measure. It changes the perception of voters about the argument if they are using the voter guide as their only frame of reference for casting their ballot. In the elections process there is a 10 day public review period for the information to be printed in the Voter Guide.

Neither the committee nor the elections office noticed the omission during that time period.

“It is extremely important that the voters are aware of the diversity of support behind the measure and how important and vital Measure E is for the future of Grass Valley.” said Marty Lombardi. “We are grateful for efforts the Election Office has gone to in order to correct the omission.”

To see the corrected arguments voters can use the link here provided by the elections office:

The YES on Measure E – Citizens for the Future of Grass Valley Committee is a group of Grass Valley citizens who came together to support the measure. They are concerned citizens who care deeply for Grass Valley and expect Measure E to pass giving much needed funding for public safety resources, street improvements, walkability, and parks renovations. By voting YES on Measure E, together we can make a difference in the city we all love.