Thursday, April 2 2015

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Brad Woodhouse: AUFC Issues Glacier-Sized Apology to Climate Science Denying Republicans

The following statement was released from Americans United for Change President Brad Woodhouse in light of damning new footage pulling back the curtain once and for all on greatest hoax every perpetrated on the American people, a.k.a. “climate change”:

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Peter Dykstra: Retro news: Cronkite's 1980 global warming alert

On April 3, 1980, Cronkite tossed to a news piece from CBS veteran Nelson Benton. Thirty-five years ago, for two and half minutes – an eternity even then by TV news standards and a near-impossibility today – a broadcast anchored by The Most Trusted Man in America tried to warn us about climate change.

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NPCA: GROW AMERICA Fails Our National Parks

The National Parks Conservation Association (NPCA) is extremely disappointed that the Obama Administration’s most recent GROW AMERICA proposal once again eliminates the guarantee that the National Park Service (NPS) will receive $240 million per year to address billions of dollars in crucial repairs to national park roads and infrastructure.

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Ross Murray: One simple graphic shows the anti-LGBT animus behind Indiana's new law

Yesterday, Indiana Governor Mike Pence went on This Week with George Stephanopoulos to defend the so-called 'Religious Freedom Restoration Act' that was passed and signed last week. During the course of the interview, Pence said that he would be open to a "clarification" of the law, but would not consider non-discrimination protections for LGBT people. He also refused to answer scenarios about how the law may allow businesses to refuse service to LGBT people.

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Graeme Reid: US states pass laws for people to legally indulge prejudice based on their subjective interpretation of religion

This bill is not about discrimination,” said Indiana Governor Mike Pence when he signed the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) into state law last week.

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Jennifer Pizer: Governor Pence continues to deceive the nation about SB101

Despite an increasing public outcry condemning SB 101, in an appearance on ABC's This Week with George Stephanopoulos this morning Indiana Gov. Mike Pence defended the law which is designed to allow businesses, organizations and individuals to discriminate against anyone in Indiana on religious grounds. Jennifer Pizer, National Director of Lambda Legal’s Law and Policy Project, issued the following statement:

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Jason Stanford: Discrimination Hiding Behind Religious Faith

Where is Leslie Knope when we need her?

Indiana's "Religious Freedom Restoration Act," which purports to protect Christians from being forced to apply the Golden Rule to gays and lesbians at work, resists sober interpretation. The only way to understand it is as government-sponsored fan fiction for NBC's recently departed "Parks & Recreation."

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Will Durst: Crazy Ted Cruz

Winter is over! Winter is over! Excuse the jubilation, but we ink-stained wretches love the ritual excitement that occurs every spring. This spring is extra exciting, because it comes with our big quadrennial first sighting of a red nose popping out of the presidential wannabe clown car.

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Andy Borowitz: Indiana Governor Stunned By How Many People Seem to Have Gay Friends
Full story: New Yorker

Jake Rosenfeld: The rise and fall of US labor unions, and why they still matter

The US labor movement was once the core institution fighting for average workers. Over the last half century, its ranks have been decimated. The share of the private sector workforce that is organized has fallen from 35% to approximately 6.5% today.

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Marge Baker: President Obama should issue an executive order to let voters see for themselves who's trying to buy political influence

If 2014 was the “Year of Dark Money” in elections, then 2016 is likely to be the “Year of Way, Way More Dark Money” — that is, unless something big changes soon.

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Katherine Paul: Sorry, Monsanto. The Science Is on Our Side, Not Yours

A few weeks ago, I spoke by phone with Cathleen Enright, executive vice president of the Biotech Industry Organization (BIO). (Long story).

During the course of our conversation, when we touched on the subject of the science behind the debate over whether or not GMOs are “safe” (me arguing that there’s no scientific consensus) Enright said, “Then you must not believe in climate change, either.”

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Paul Krugman: Events have proven conservative's most cherished beliefs wrong
Full story: NY Times

Emily Schwartz Greco: Talk Climate to Me

Guffaws punctuated a Florida legislative hearing the other day.

Lawmakers and onlookers chuckled as Florida Division of Emergency chief Bryan Koon tied his tongue in knots to avoid saying “climate change” while talking about — well, climate change.

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William Hartung: The Madness of Funding the Pentagon to "Cover the Globe"
Full story: Tom Dispatch

LeeAnn Hall: Household Debt Is a National Crisis

Years after Toni Potter’s husband passed away from pancreatic cancer, debt collectors in her state of Washington were still relentlessly hounding her about his hospital bills.

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Sam Pizzigati: Your Dollars at Work - for the Rich

Conservative pundits and politicians routinely divide our U.S. economy into two totally distinct spheres. We have the noble private sector over here, they tell us, and the bumbling, bloated public sector over there.

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Andy Borowitz: President Signs Executive Order Making Cruz Ineligible for Obamacare
Full story: New Yorker

Neema Singh Guliani: Unchecked Government Drones? Not Over My Backyard

While you aren’t likely to be getting your Amazon order delivered by drone anytime soon, as the approval is limited to research and testing, the fact remains that this technology is already part of our lives. Drones are already helping the federal government observe and track us in new and often troubling ways, without our knowledge or consent.

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Grace Meng: US Deports Iowa Pastor as 'Greatest Risk' to Public Safety

On March 3, Max Villatoro, a Mennonite pastor in Iowa, a husband, and a father to four US citizen children, was arrested as part of the US government’s “Operation Cross Check.” This nationwide, five-day operation targeted immigrants whom Deputy Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas said “pose the greatest risk to our public safety.” It was the sixth such operation since 2011.

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Lupe Lopez: Immigrant Rights Movement Underwhelming Reaction to Ted Cruz's Presidential Campaign Announcement: "Next, please."

Immigrant families and their allies from across the country woke up this morning to read that Senator Ted Cruz will officially throw his hat into the 2016 presidential ring.

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Robert Reich: Why College Isn't (and Shouldn't Have to be) for Everyone

I know a high school senior who’s so worried about whether she’ll be accepted at the college of her choice she can’t sleep.

The parent of another senior tells me he stands at the mailbox for an hour every day waiting for a hoped-for acceptance letter to arrive.

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Tammy Alexander and Karla Stoltzfus Detweiler: Pastor Max deported by ICE

We write to you with a heavy heart. We just learned a few minutes ago that our beloved Pastor Max was deported by ICE today. Max's wife Gloria just received a call from him that he had landed at the airport in San Pedro, Honduras.

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Jim Hightower: Re-Defending the Alamo

Good news from the front: The defenders of the Alamo are standing strong, bravely battling the forces of tyranny!

Wait… didn’t the Battle of the Alamo take place in 1836?

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Lisa Gilbert: Real Problems with Federal Rulemaking Won't Get a Hearing

On Thursday, the U.S. Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs will hold a hearing titled, “Examining Federal Rulemaking Challenges and Areas of Improvement Within the Existing Regulatory Process,” purportedly to “examine today’s rulemaking processes, and how these processes affect the quality, structure, efficiency, and accountability of agency rulemaking.”

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Terrance Heath: No budget that takes from the poor, the sick, and the elderly, and gives to the Pentagon can be a moral document

Budgets, as Rev. Jim Wallis says, are moral documents. They contain choices that reflect our priorities and define our values. The Republican-led House Budget Committee’s fiscal 2016 budget proposal, “A Balanced Budget For A Stronger America,” is a document full of immoral choices that will have devastating effects on the most vulnerable Americans.

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Richard Kirsch: Risky War Business

From the Islamic State to the streets of Paris, Americans get bombarded daily with fresh reminders of conflicts around the world. What’s harder to figure out is what to do about it. What would actually make us safer?

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Isaiah J. Poole: Fair Trade Is a Racial Justice Issue

The work of repairing the racial fissures that broke wide open in Ferguson, Missouri last year goes beyond the shooting death of unarmed teenager Michael Brown. It also goes beyond ending the practices highlighted in a Justice Department report that criticized Ferguson cops and courts for shaking down the city’s poor, black residents for revenue.

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Matt Wood: Congress Needs to Stick to the Facts on Net Neutrality

On Tuesday, Congress will convene the first of five hearings on the FCC’s new Net Neutrality rules. The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee hearing, “FCC Process: Examining the Relationship Between the FCC and the White House,” is scheduled to begin at 10 a.m.

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Robert Reich: The "iEverything" and the Redistributional Imperative

It’s now possible to sell a new product to hundreds of millions of people without needing many, if any, workers to produce or distribute it. At its prime in 1988, Kodak, the iconic American photography company, had 145,000 employees. In 2012, Kodak filed for bankruptcy.

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