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Robert Reich: The Choice of Patriotism

We hear a lot about patriotism, especially around the Fourth of July. But in 2016 we’re hearing about two very different types of patriotism. One is an inclusive patriotism that binds us together. The other is an exclusive patriotism that keeps others out.

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Jim Naureckas: The Media Has a Huge Blind Spot on Terrorism

Shortly before the United Kingdom’s “Brexit” vote, the shocking murder of Jo Cox — a member of parliament and a vocal Remain supporter — exposed the racist roots of elements in the victorious Leave campaign.

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Robert Weissman: Volkswagen’s Emissions Cheating Was a Crime; Feds Should Treat It That Way

Will any executives go to jail? That is the question that must be answered before assessing whether Volkswagen has been held accountable for its unconscionable acts – and whether others will be deterred from similar wrongdoing in the future.

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Renee Cramer: Un-Trapped: Supreme Court strikes down Texas law limiting abortion

The U. S. Supreme Court on Monday invalidated two Texas provisions that would have closed at least seven of 17 abortion clinics in the state, saying that neither provision had a positive effect on women’s health, and that both existed primarily for the unconstitutional purpose of restricting access to abortion. Some are calling the 5-3 ruling one of the most important Supreme Court rulings on the right to abortion in almost 25 years.

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Dahlia Lithwick: Abortion was saved with a dry, wonky, emotionless opinion from a man. Which is kind of perfect.
Full story: Slate.com

Ilyse Hogue: House Zika Response Proves "Pro-Life" GOP Cares Little for Actual People's Lives

Ilyse Hogue, president of NARAL Pro-Choice America, released the following statement on the House GOP’s cynical response to the Zika crisis. The House GOP approved a bill last night that restricts funding for women’s health clinics and fails to provide adequate resources to combat the Zika crisis.

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Angelica Salas: SCOTUS 4-4 ruling on immigration relief programs leaves millions of aspiring Americans in the shadows, hijacks justice and history

Today, the Supreme Court of the United States of America (SCOTUS) announced a decision (4-4) to keep as is a national stay on the deferred action programs announced by President Obama in 2014. The programs, including the expansion of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA+) and the Parents of Americans and Lawful Permanent Residents (DAPA), were halted as a result of a politically-motivated lawsuit brought about by Texas and a couple of dozen other states.

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Bill Moyers and Michael Winship: John Lewis Stands Up for Human Dignity Once Again

Fifty-one years later, on the floor of the House of Representatives Wednesday, John Lewis, now 76 and a member of Congress for nearly three decades, took another courageous and principled stand. Many of his Democratic colleagues joined him for a sit-in on the floor of the House chamber itself, the same kind of protest he and his fellow activists used so effectively during the 1960s.

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John Morlino: The Only Sane Conclusion from Orlando

Maybe it was the heartbreaking texts sent by those who expected to die. Or my conversation with a close friend whose loved one miraculously survived. It may also have been the gut-wrenching, real-time documentation via social media of a mass shooting with unprecedented casualties.

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Peter Certo: ISIS Must Love Trump

As the sun set over New York on June 12, hundreds of Muslims gathered in Hudson River Park to break their Ramadan fast together.

Iftar, the evening Ramadan meal, is often a joyous celebration of faith and family. But the mood that Sunday was solemn: That morning, news had broken of the ghastly massacre of LGBTQ revelers at Pulse nightclub in Orlando.

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Phelim Kine: Indonesia’s Abusive Sharia Bylaws Bad News for Women and LGBT People

Indonesia’s Minister of Home Affairs Tjahjo Kumolo backtracked on a pronounced commitment to abolish abusive Sharia regulations in the country.

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Leo Gerard: Billionaire Trump Fleeces Workers, Small Businesses

Using rape-and-pillage corporate practices favored by Wall Street, Donald Trump made himself billions while swindling and bankrupting untold numbers of hourly workers and small businesses.

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Ron Pollack: Speaker Ryan’s Expected Health Care Plan Cuts Coverage for Millions, Ends Protections for People with Pre-Existing Conditions

Ryan calls his plan ‘A Better Way.’ But sentencing tens of millions of people with pre-existing conditions to coverage denials by insurance companies, or dumping them into ineffective and costly high-risk pools, is not a better way. Jeopardizing the health coverage of over 20 million people who recently secured it is not a better way. Cutting state Medicaid funding that places 72 million of our most vulnerable men, women, and children at risk of losing coverage is not a better way.

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Robert Reich: A Big Idea for Hillary

If Donald Trump continues to implode, Hillary Clinton will win simply by being the presidential candidate who isn’t Trump.

But the prospect of a President Trump is so terrifying that Hillary shouldn’t take any chances. The latest match-up polls show her about 6 points ahead – a comfortable but not sure-fire margin.

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Gary Legum: Republicans in denial: They still can’t accept that years of festering racism made Trump 2016 possible
Full story: Salon.com

“A Dangerous Vision of America” – Frank Sharry Reflects on the One Year Anniversary of Donald Trump’s Campaign Announcement

Ever since he descended by escalator to make his racist, fact-free anti-Mexican campaign announcement speech one year ago today, Donald Trump has been peddling a dark vision of an America in decline. In doing so, he has done his best to drag our democratic norms, political institutions, and American values down with him. Trump’s racist fear-mongering and paranoia in response to the horrors in Orlando have merely been the latest reminders in a sustained, year-long testament to the fact that he is advancing a dangerous vision of America and is fundamentally unfit to lead our great nation.

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David Dinielli: Elected leaders must acknowledge Orlando gunman targeted LGBT community

From the earliest hours of the tragedy in Orlando, one fact was not in dispute: The worst mass shooting in U.S. history was committed by a killer who targeted LGBT people for murder.

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Lauren Karaffa: The Civil War Didn’t End Slavery After All

Slavery has been abolished in the United States since 1865, when the 13th Amendment was passed in the ashes of the Civil War.

Well, almost abolished. Actually, the amendment included a caveat: “except as punishment for a crime.” Since then, prison and forced labor have always gone together.

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Robert Weissman: House GOP Attacks on Regulation Serve Big Business, Not Regular Americans

The House Republican economic plan is nothing more than a gift bag to corporate donors and special interests. There’s no other way to explain why Republicans would pull together such a horrendous collection of bills and call it economic policy.

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Robert Reich: 8 Reasons Why Republicans Must Dump Trump

The Republican Party still has time to change its mind. Right now it’s supporting for President of the United States a man

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Antonio Ginatta: Making Sense of Tragedy and Guns After Orlando

As the casualty numbers in Orlando come in (now at 49 victims confirmed dead and 54 wounded) people are struggling to make sense of the senseless, to find in the killer’s actions and words some clue to the why behind this massacre. Hatred of the LGBT community seems to have been a key issue, but despite efforts by some to attribute last weekend’s tragedy to a single factor, such as so-called “radical Islam,” his motivations may never be clear. Just before the attacks the gunman, Omar Mateen, pledged his allegiance to the self-proclaimed Islamic State (also known as ISIS), and media affiliated with ISIS claimed credit for the attack. His ex-wife said that he beat her repeatedly when they were married, and a co-worker reported that Mateen had harassed and stalked him.

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Robert Reich: A Public Note to my Friend, Bernie Sanders

I don’t know what you’re going to do from here on, and I’m not going to advise you. You’ve earned the right to figure out the next steps for your campaign and the movement you have launched.

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Ronald L. Feinman: The GOP Is Dying: Trump’s triumph marks the end of a once great (but flawed) American party

The year 2016 marks the 162nd anniversary of the birth of the Republican Party in Ripon, Wisconsin on March 20, with the first statewide convention being in Jackson, Michigan on July 6, 1854, in opposition to the passage of the Kansas Nebraska Act, permitting expansion of slavery into new territories.

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Andy Borowitz: Trump: Mexicans Swarming Across Border, Enrolling in Law School, and Becoming Biased Judges
Full story: New Yorker

Paul Cartledge: Ancient Greeks would not recognise our ‘democracy’ – they’d see an ‘oligarchy’

We owe to the ancient Greeks much, if not most of our own current political vocabulary. All the way from anarchy and democracy to politics itself. But their politics and ours are very different beasts. To an ancient Greek democrat (of any stripe), all our modern democratic systems would count as “oligarchy”. By that I mean the rule of and by – if not necessarily or expressly for – the few, as opposed to the power or control of the people, or the many (demo-kratia).

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Dana Milbank: It’s official: The GOP is now the Party of Trump; some of the theories Trump has floated
Full story: Washington Post

John Morlino: Horse Racing’s Shame — And Ours

One horse was already dead as Pramedya saddled up for the fourth race of the 2016 Preakness Stakes, an annual Triple Crown race held in Baltimore. Unlike Homeboykris, who died of apparent heart failure after winning the first contest of the day, she wouldn’t even reach the finish line.

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Janet Redman: Trump’s ‘Realty Check’ on Climate

Newsflash: Donald Trump isn’t as retrograde on climate change as we thought. It turns out he’s well aware of the dangers of global warming — at least to his golf courses.

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Marc Bekoff: Why Was the Gorilla Harambe Killed at the Cincinnati Zoo?

Many people worldwide already know about the shooting of a 17-year-old male western lowland gorilla named Harambe at the Cincinnati Zoo to save the life of a four-year old child who fell into the gorilla's cage. The boy apparently told his mother he wanted to meet Harambe and crawled under a rail and over the wall of the moat. As usual, my inbox was ringing constantly with different reports of Harambe's killing, some might call it an execution or a murder. Indeed, the title of Peter Holley's essay in the Washington Post is called "‘Shooting an endangered animal is worse than murder’: Grief over gorilla’s death turns to outrage."

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Robert Reich: Advice for Divided Democrats

With the Democratic primaries grinding to a bitter end, I have suggestions for both Clinton and Sanders supporters that neither will like.

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