Friday, May 6 2016

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David Korten: Why the Economy Should Stop Growing—And Just Grow Up

Listen to the political candidates as they put forward their economic solutions. You will hear a well-established and rarely challenged narrative. “We must grow the economy to produce jobs so people will have the money to grow their consumption, which will grow more jobs…” Grow. Grow. Grow.

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James Duff Lyall: When Traffic Cops Become Part of Immigration Enforcement, Civil Rights Violations Are Almost Inevitable

Whether they like it or not, state and local police do not have the authority to enforce immigration law. And that’s a good thing, because when cops try to act like Border Patrol agents, civil rights violations are almost inevitable. An ever expanding number of lawsuits across the country bear that out.

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Anthony J. Gaughan: President Trump? Not likely

Trump’s decisive victory in the Indiana primary on Tuesday night drove his two final challengers to withdraw from the race. Whatever hopes the GOP establishment still harbored of a brokered convention ended when Ted Cruz dropped out of the race on Tuesday night and John Kasich dropped out on Wednesday. Trump will be the Republican nominee for president in 2016.

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Jim Hightower: King Coal Is Headed to Prison

So long, Don, it’s been God-awful to know you.

Don Blankenship, who was the King of King Coal, is headed toward a place he never imagined he’d end up: federal prison.

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Josh Hoxie: American elites don't have to go to Panama to hide their money — they can go to Delaware

The first thing you notice on the cab ride from the airport to downtown Panama City is the skyscrapers. They’re architecturally beautiful, but jumbled together as if there was no plan or consideration for how they might look next to one another.

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Animal Welfare Institute: Ringling Bros. should retire its elephants to a bona fide sanctuary

May 1 marks the end of elephants being hauled around the country to perform for Ringling Bros. circus. While we celebrate the termination of this cruel and archaic practice, tragically, the elephants will not be spending the rest of their lives in nirvana. Rather than sending them to a sanctuary, the elephants will be held at the company’s Center for Elephant Conservation in Florida, long known for chaining and keeping elephants on concrete and for using bullhooks and electric prods. While the site may have “conservation” in its name, the elephants will be bred to produce more captive elephants with no hope of returning to the wild.

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Lynn Tramonte: 2016 Marks Devastating 20-Year Anniversary for American Families with Immigrant Roots

There are two types of anniversaries: joyous ones commemorating forward progress, and devastating ones reminding us how much time has passed since an evil act. 2016 is a devastating anniversary for many families with immigrant connections.

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Peter Maybarduk: Gilead’s Earnings Are Based on Price Gouging Hepatitis C Treatments

Analysts may be celebrating Gilead's earnings report, but Americans should not. Gilead is charging extortionate prices for life-saving medicines. Thanks to Gilead's price gouging, life-saving hepatitis C cures are being rationed. Too many Americans, including veterans and low-income workers struggling to make ends meet, have been denied access to a hepatitis C cure.

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Lindsay Koshgarian: U.S. Military Spending vs. the World: This is Crazy

The U.S. Pentagon and military has more money than it needs.

It's hard to draw any other conclusion from the stark facts: the U.S. outspends every other nation on earth when it comes to our military. We spend more than the next seven countries combined.

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Terry O'Neill: Donald Trump is just another boorish, babbling bigot who disrespects women

No one should doubt what Donald Trump thinks about women. When he called for women to be prosecuted for having abortions, he meant it. Donald Trump isn’t playing the role of a tough-talking political outsider who refuses to be politically correct. Donald Trump is just another boorish, babbling bigot who disrespects women.

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Robert Reich: Wealth inequality is even more of a problem than income inequality (VIDEO)

Wealth inequality is even more of a problem than income inequality. That’s because you have to have enough savings from income to begin to accumulate wealth – buying a house or investing in stocks and bonds, or saving up to send a child to college.

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Alexandra Petri: Play the ‘woman card’ and reap these ‘rewards’!
Full story: Washington Post

Gail Collins: Do not ask yourself how many votes Donald Trump would get if he were a woman and he was the way he is. Truly, you don’t want to go there.
Full story: New York Times

Joan Walsh: Can Anyone Drive Women Voters to Clinton Better Than Trump? Try Cruz–Fiorina
Full story: The Nation

Dahlia Lithwick: The Supreme Court might let Bob McDonnell off the hook because it can’t even define political corruption anymore
Full story: Slate.com

Martha Burk: A 2-Pronged Assault on Women

We heard a lot about the “war on women” during the 2012 election cycle — mostly over Republican attacks on abortion rights and birth control.

While the phrase has faded in this election year go-round, the war on women has not. The only change is that now we’re fighting on two fronts — reproductive rights and economic survival.

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Marc Morial: We Live in a Democracy, Not a Theocracy

It wasn’t so long ago when one of the most powerful justifications wielded in support of segregation was religious belief.

Throughout the American South, state-sanctioned Jim Crow laws legally separated blacks from whites. Schools were segregated. Restaurants were segregated. Blacks and whites couldn’t legally marry. Even water fountains were designated by race.

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Jennifer Rokala: Bundy thinks the American people don't own Malheur National Wildlife Refuge

We look forward to Ammon Bundy’s attempt to re-litigate 200 years of jurisprudence regarding the property clause, and the 1935 Supreme Court case that specifically established the American people’s ownership of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge.

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Randall Stephens: Embracing the ‘silent majority’ – Donald Trump brings back the worst of 1960s America

Violence flared up again at a “New York Values” Donald Trump rally on April 10, as backers of the Republican candidate reportedly assaulted a black protestor. Several hundred protesters milled about near another Trump rally in Berlin, Maryland, on April 20. They were ready to face off with their Trump-supporting adversaries that had poured into a local high school for a rally. On the face of it, aberrations – but these sorts of episodes are now so common at Trump events that they’re rarely flattered with headlines any more.

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Jud Lounsbury: Davy Crockett Had it Right: Andrew Jackson was a Tyrant
Full story: Progressive.org

Dahlia Lithwick: John Roberts Under Attack: The chief justice continues to be blamed for Merrick Garland not getting a Senate hearing
Full story: Slate.com

Frank Sharry: US v. Texas: What the Supreme Court Justices are left with is a political dispute thinly disguised as a legal claim

When the Republicans first filed their lawsuit against DAPA and DACA+ they trumpeted it as a grand and noble court battle. “This lawsuit is not about immigration” they claimed in their complaint, “It is about the rule of law, presidential power, and the structural limits of the U.S. Constitution.”

Turns out, not so much.

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Ed Babtist and Riché Richardson: Harriet Tubman on $20 Bill Signifies Victory for African and Native Americans

In the years before slavery ended, Southern states were putting slaves toiling in the cotton fields on their paper money. At the same time Harriet Tubman was trying to help enslaved African Americans to free themselves.

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Robert Reich: The new common ground between populist left and right (VIDEO)

The old debate goes something like this:

‘You don’t believe women have reproductive rights.”

“You don’t value human life.”

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Rebecca Green: Big money in politics doesn't just drive inequality — it also fuels war

The 2016 presidential elections are proving historic, and not just because of the surprising success of self-proclaimed socialist Bernie Sanders, the lively debate among feminists over whether to support Hillary Clinton, or Donald Trump’s unorthodox candidacy.

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Janine Jackson: Trump’s Bad Ideas Aren’t Un-American After All

Readers of The Boston Globe were recently treated to an unusual spectacle — a parody front page and insert filled with mock stories of how a Donald Trump presidency might play out.

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Antonio Ginatta: US Coming to Grips on Prison Sentencing

After decades of increasing incarceration rates and prison sentences, the United States is beginning to move away from harsher sentences, as disproportionately severe, discriminatory in their application, ineffective, and devastating to communities.

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Robert Reich: Why Isn’t Everyone In Favor of Taxing Financial Speculation?

Why is there so little discussion about one of Bernie Sanders’s most important proposals – to tax financial speculation?

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David Leopold: U.S. v. Texas: Takeaways From Oral Argument at SCOTUS

What we saw today was the Republicans trying to litigate a political dispute at the Supreme Court. The Republican plaintiffs simply do not have an addressable legal claim.

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Elaine Catherine R. Ferrer and Ronnie Cummins: Hormone Disruptors: Everyday Poisons in Non-Organic Food, Body Care Products, Water Bottles and Home Furniture

The Big Food giants, the pesticide and genetic engineering corporations such as Monsanto, the chemical, cosmetics, body care, food packaging, bottled water, and home furnishings industries—they all have a dirty secret.

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