ALTURAS, Calif. October 11, 2016 – Fire crews from the Bureau of Land Management will conduct several prescribed burning projects in Lassen and Modoc counties, Calif., and in Washoe County, Nev., during fall and early winter. Pile burning could start as early as the week of Oct. 10.

Crews from the Applegate Field Office in Alturas plan to burn piles of brush and limbs in six projects.

In Modoc County, the Northeast Warner Mountain Project will encompass about 300 acres on public land about 5 miles southwest of Fort Bidwell. The North Cowhead Project will be a 600-acre project 7 miles northeast of Fort Bidwell. The Westside Project will cover about 800 acres about 5 miles southwest of Alturas.

The Hayden Hill pile burning project will include about 115 acres about 50 miles north of Susanville in Lassen County.

In Washoe County, the two projects are located in the Vya area. Projects include Calcutta, which is around 800 acres, and Board Corral, a 400-acre project. Both units are 25 miles northeast of Cedarville.

These piles were created during project work to reduce fuel loading and improve conditions in sage-steppe habitats important to sage-grouse and other wildlife.

For more information, contact the Applegate Field Office at (530) 233-4666.