SACRAMENTO, Calif. December 26, 2017 – This upcoming New Year’s Day, California State Parks invites the public to absorb the wonders of nature with a First Day Hike. Hundreds of free, guided hikes will be organized in all 50 states. In California, dedicated docents, volunteers and staff will be providing more than 40 hikes at several state parks throughout the state. Distance and rigor will vary per hike/activity, so visitors are encouraged to check out details of start times and description of hikes.

This is the sixth year California has participated in the First Day Hikes Program. The program is part of a nationwide initiative led by America’s State Parks to encourage people to get outdoors. Last year, more than 55,000 people rang in the New Year, collectively hiking over 133,000 miles. Californians hiked more than 8,900 of those miles.

“Public outdoor places support healthy, affordable, physical and social activities,” said California State Parks Director Lisa Mangat. “California’s state parks are a gateway to these benefits and to the opportunities to connect with families, friends and communities. We invite you to spend the first day of 2018 in California’s beautiful outdoors with a First Day Hike.”

California’s state parks are among the most diverse in the world in variety of natural and cultural resources. Participating state parks for the 2018 First Day Hikes Initiative include places such as Red Rock Canyon with its scenic desert cliffs, buttes and spectacular rock formations, Angel Island with its history, natural beauty and incredible views of San Francisco and the Golden Gate, to Hearst San Simeon State Park where you can to explore five distinct environments that support a diverse community of plants and animals on the Central California Coast.

For a complete list of participating state parks and how to safely enjoy First Day Hikes, please visit California’s First Day Hikes webpage. Many hikes are still being planned and will be added to the list as details become available. Visitors are encouraged to share their experiences on social media using the hashtags: #HikeInto2018, #FirstDayHike and #CAStateParks.

California State Parks provides for the health, inspiration and education of the people of California by helping to preserve the state’s extraordinary biological diversity, protecting its most valued natural and cultural resources, and creating opportunities for high-quality outdoor recreation. Off-highway motor vehicle recreation, boating activities, horseback riding, on and off-road cycling, hiking, camping, and rock climbing are some of the recreational activities enjoyed in 280 state parks organized into 23 field districts throughout the state. Visit us at