SACRAMENTO, Feb. 28, 2018 –  In the wake of recent school shootings, California State PTA, the largest child advocacy association, unanimously adopted a revised position statement on Firearms and Assault Weapons. View the revised position statement.

“For more than a century, California State PTA has advocated for safer schools. Gun violence is a public-health crisis that affects us all – most of all, our children and youth. And, it’s preventable,” said California State PTA President Dianna MacDonald. “California State PTA supports state and federal legislation that protects all of our children and youth from gun violence.”

The position statement reaffirms and strengthens the associations stance on firearms including minimum age requirements to purchase guns, prohibiting the sale and position of assault weapons defined as automatic and semi-automatic weapons, and incorporates language from the National PTA position that the safest schools are gun free.

“Our members have been reaching out and asking California State PTA to act,” said California State PTA Vice President for Health & Community Concerns Shereen Walter. “Our action to strengthen our position statement sends a clear message — the most effective day-to-day school climate is gun free.”

California State PTA will be addressing gun violence, school safety and mental health issues with federal lawmakers in Washington D.C. on March 13-15 during the 2018 National PTA Legislation Conference. The association is also rallying members to make their voices heard by “calling out” their federal lawmakers on March 14 and demanding an end to gun violence.

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