Over the past 4 days California has experienced a lighting siege that has resulted in approximately 11,000 lightning strikes across the state causing more than 370 new fires. Aggressive firefighting has helped extinguish most of those fires. Currently, over 10,000 firefighters are battling nearly two dozen major incidents or complexes with numerous fires across all jurisdictions. Weather is a critical factor in the firefight including high heat, low humidity and strong winds and the high heat will continue into the weekend, exacerbating firefighting efforts. Since January 1, 2020 CAL FIRE has responded to nearly 5,500 wildfires. The recent spike in wildfire activity is an important reminder for residents to take steps to prevent sparking a wildfire. Having an evacuation plan, a supply kit, and important paperwork will make it easier when it is time to GO. Remember one less spark, means One Less Wildfire. Learn more at www.ReadyForWildfire.org.

Fires of Interest:
**CAL FIRE Incidents**
Salt Fire, Calaveras County(more info…)
Northeast of Copperopolis
*1,789 acres, 35% contained

Carmel Fire, Monterey County (more info…)
South of Carmel
*4285 acres, 0% contained
*Evacuations in place
*CAL FIRE IMT 1 Team in command

Hills Fire, Fresno County (more info…)
South of Coalinga
*1,500 acres 35% contained

River Fire, Monterey County (more info…)
East of Salinas
*33,653 acres, 7% contained
*Approximately 2,750 structures threatened
*Approximately 9,000 people have been evacuated
*CAL FIRE IMT Team 1 in command

Ivory Fire, Glenn County(more info…)
Elk Creek 
*4,000 acres, 0% contained 
*Evacuation in place 
*Two structures destroyed 
3-4 Fire, Tehama County (more info…)
Southwest of Red Bank 
*7,000 acres, 0% contained 
Creek Fire, Mendocino County (more info…)
Northeast of Covelo
*820 acres, 70% contained
*Two structures destroyed
3-19 Fire, Mendocino County (more info…)
Southeast of Potter Valley
*62 acres, 50% contained
*One structure destroyed
BTU/TGU Lightning Complex Fire, Butte and Glenn Counties (more info…)
Butte, Tehama and Glenn Counties
*21,042 acres, 0% contained
*Elkhorn 15,250 acres, 0%
*Ivory 4000 acres, 0%
*5-4 Potters 1012 acres, 50%
*2-24 330 acres, 50%
*5-5 200 acres, 50%
*1-8 150 acres, 0%
*1-7 100 acres, 5%
*CAL FIRE IMT- 4 in command
LNU Lightning Complex Fire, Napa County (more info…)
Napa County
State DPA, SRA, Napa County
*131,000 acres, 0% contained
*Hennessey (merged fires) 105,000 acres, 0% contained
*Wallbridge 14,500 acres, 0% contained
*Meyers 3,000 acres, 0% contained
*Round 4,000 acres, 0% contained
*Aetna 4,500 acres, 0% contained
*Estimated 100 residential, 4 commercial structures and 1 outbuilding destroyed
*Evacuations in place
*CAL FIRE IMT-2 in command
Jones Fire, Nevada County (more info…)
Northwest of Nevada City
*705 acres, 10% contained
*Evacuation in place
*5 residential structures destroyed
CZU August Lightning Fire, San Mateo and Santa Cruz Counties (more info…)
San Mateo and Santa Cruz Counties
*40,000 acres, 0% contained
*Waddell fire, 600 acres 0% contained
*Evacuations in place
*20 residential structures destroyed
*CAL FIRE IMT #3 is in command
SCU Lightning Complex Fire, Contra Costa, Alameda, Santa Clara and Stanislaus Counties (more info…)
Contra Costa, Alameda, Santa Clara and Stanislaus Counties
*137,475 acres, 5% contained
*20 fires in the complex
*Marsh 3,000 acres, 99% contained
*Canyon 104,200 acres, 0% contained
*Reservoir 27,550 acres, 10% contained
*Deer 3,000 acres, 70% contained
*Arroyo 190 acres, 90% contained
*Evacuations and road closures in place
*CA IMT-6 in command

**Unified Command Fires**
Warnella Fire, Santa Cruz County (more info…)
East of Davenport
*290 acres, 5% contained
*Unified Command CAL FIRE and BLM – Central California District

Lake Fire, Los Angeles County (more info…)
Southwest of Lake Hughes
*27,041 acres, 48% contained
*Continued structure threat
*Road closures in the area
*Unified Command USFS and Los Angeles County Fire
*CA IMT Team 5 is in command

**Federal Incidents**
Dolan Fire, Monterey County (more info…)
Ventana Wilderness – Los Padres National Forest
*2,500 acres, 0% contained

Ranch 2 Fire, Los Angeles County (more info…)
San Gabriel Canyon
*4,237 acres, 33% contained
*Road closures in place
*Federal Type 2, in command

Apple Fire, Riverside County (more info…)
Cherry Valley
*33,424 acres, 95% contained

North Complex Fire, Plumas County (more info…)
Southwest of Susanville – Plumas National Forest
*8,441 acres, 5% contained
*Evacuations in place
*Road and trail closures in effect
*CA IMT Team 1 is in command
Loyalton, Vegetation Fire, Sierra County (more info…)
East of Loyalton – Tahoe National Forest
*46,386 acres, 35% contained
Red Salmon Complex – Shasta-Trinity National Forest (more info…)
Northeast of Willow Creek, CA
*16,255 acres, 38% contained
**Local Government**
Holser, Vegetation Fire, Ventura County/Los Angeles County (more info…)
South of Lake Piru
*3,000 acres, 60% contained