SACRAMENTO, CA, Sept. 25, 2016 – Ready to make your way through a thicket of 17 California propositions on the November ballot? CALmatters is here to help you sort through the many thorny questions: Should we end the death penalty? Legalize marijuana? Extend taxes on the wealthy? Ban plastic bags? Raise taxes on cigarettes? Require actors in porn films to wear condoms?

The state’s voter guide runs more than 200 pages long. We’ve simplified things for you, with pages that analyze each ballot issue, report on the money and the major players behind them, and provide a curated selection of articles that go deeper on the issues.

Each initiative page also includes a video commenting tool—an easy way for you to record and share your opinions on the ballot measures you are passionate about. You might change someone’s mind, or someone might change yours. We’ll continue to add personal videos to our site right up until the election, so check back to follow the conversation and stay informed.  Add your comment your comment to the conversation on the ballot measures by recording a video:

Proposition 51: School Construction:

Proposition 52: Hospital Fees:

Proposition 53: Revenue bonds:

Proposition 54: Last-minute lawmaking:

Proposition 55: High-earner tax:

Proposition 56: Tobacco tax:

Proposition 57: Criminal sentencing:

Proposition 58: Bilingual education:

Proposition 59: Campaign money:

Proposition 60: Condoms in films:

Proposition 61: Prescription Drugs:

Proposition 62 and 66: Death penalty:

Proposition 63: Gun control:

Proposition 64: Legalizing marijuana:

Proposition 65 and 67: Plastic bags:

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