SACRAMENTO, Calif, Oct. 29, 2018. – Climate scientists warn that rising global temperatures are contributing to severe weather events-fires, hurricanes, droughts, and floods-which are causing or may cause loss of life, injuries, property damage, and economic disruptions. Many residents may not be aware that flood damage is not covered by traditional homeowners’ insurance. Now, more than ever, is the time for consumers to evaluate their risk and consider purchasing flood insurance to protect their assets.
“Flood insurance may be all that stands between you and devastating financial losses,” said Commissioner Jones. “As we move into the rainy season, I urge homeowners to review their coverage needs and consider a flood insurance policy. Consumers need to know their risks and prepare before disaster strikes.”
Flood insurance is available through the Federal Flood Insurance Program and must be in force for 30 days prior to a flood, so experts are suggesting consumers, including those in low-risk areas consider purchasing coverage well before storms hit. The Department of Insurance encourages consumers to review existing homeowner coverage to make sure they understand what is and is not covered when rain storms cause damage other than flooding from rising water.
The commissioner also advises consumers to prepare for potential disaster by using their smart phone to perform a home inventory  to document their belongings and store it in your cloud along with scans of your deed, insurance policy and other important documents for access after a disaster.
The department has a number of resources to help consumers with insurance coverage or claim questions. The department’s consumer hotline is available toll-free at 800-927-4357.