Washington June 15, 2020 – Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) today released the following statement on the deaths of Robert Fuller and Malcolm Harsch, two black men who were found hanging in trees:

            “I’m deeply saddened by the alleged suicides of Robert Fuller and Malcolm Harsch. My heart goes out to their families and friends in what is surely a difficult time.

            “In both cases these men were relatively young, African-American and found hanging from trees. There’s no question that these cases must be fully investigated and any subsequent reports made public. Two deaths, 10 days apart and in a manner consistent with one of the darkest periods in our country’s history can’t be brushed off lightly.

            “I’m pleased that Attorney General Xavier Becerra has committed to monitor the investigation of Mr. Fuller’s death in Palmdale. And that the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s office is coordinating with the attorney general’s office on the investigation into Mr. Harsch’s death in Victorville.

            “It’s only appropriate that these deaths be investigated for any possible racial motivations and any cause beyond suicide.”