SUSANVILLE, Calif., July 26, 2019 – In recent years there have been a handful of documented Harmful Algal Blooms (HAB) on the Lassen National Forest.  These blooms can be harmful to animals and people. Currently, there is a suspected bloom in Willow Lake on the Almanor Ranger District.

Water that looks like “pea soup” and floating mats in the water are two good indicators. “We are recommending that the public exercise caution when visiting or recreating at the site,” said Tim Pohlman, Acting Forest Supervisor.  The Lassen NF is investigating the situation at this time in conjunction with the California State Water Resources Control Board.

For more information on HAB’s, please visit this website:  If you suspect you have found a HAB in a waterbody on the Lassen NF, please contact Craig Hemping, Almanor Ranger District Fisheries Biologist @ 530-258-5169.