Sacramento, CA June 5, 2017 – The following statement was released from Jim Araby, Executive Director of UFCW Western States Council regarding the California Democratic Party Chair Election:

“As a representative of 160,000 member UFCW Western States Council and long-time Party activist, I urge the Kimberly Ellis’ campaign to cease attempts to resolve the CDP chair’s race through the media and to focus on the fights before us as a Party and not among us as activists of legitimate diverse perspectives.  I call for Kimberly Ellis and Eric Bauman to meet immediately for the purpose of uniting our Party.

“It is essential for the Ellis campaign to provide evidence sufficient to change the outcome of the election or concede to Eric Bauman.

“UFCW members have fought long and hard both in the workplace and at the polling place for democratic representation and fairness. We believe this is the heart of what the California Democratic Party stands for and this continued public fight without any real substance is not in pursuit of these broad ideals but can be seen as a more narrow pursuit of self-interested parties.

“As a fellow progressive Democratic activist, I know Ms. Ellis must recognize what an awesome responsibility our activism and service is. This responsibility is important now, as together, we must recognize the differences within the party and come together to be focused on our shared agenda ahead and act based on information rather than assumptions.

“Truth in our political discourse is now more important than ever, and those who desire to lead, should lead from this position.”

“Kimberly Ellis and Eric Bauman, the California Democratic Party must stand united in purpose. We look to your leadership now to move our Party forward. Millions of Californians are counting on our Party to have their backs.”