SEQUOIA AND KINGS CANYON NATIONAL PARKS, Calif. May 23, 2021 – A high-elevation search and rescue operation ended happily this evening when ground searchers successfully located missing hiker Edward Lee Alderman, 33, in the vicinity of Timberline Lake, several miles west of the summit of Mount Whitney. Mr. Alderman is reported to be alert, despite injuries, fatigue, and exposure to sub-freezing temperatures.  

Mr. Alderman was reported missing on Friday, after failing to return from his hike to the summit of Mount Whitney on Thursday, May 20. Helicopters searched the area from the air on Saturday, and ground searchers were deployed on Sunday, once a late-season winter storm cleared the area.  

Mr. Alderman was located with the help of a tip from hikers who reported having heard a voice in the vicinity of Timberline Lake early this morning. Helicopter 552 from Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks has evacuated Mr. Alderman from the wilderness and is delivering him to medical care.  

“We are thrilled and relieved to report that Mr. Alderman is alive, safe, and on his way to definitive medical care,” says Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks Incident Commander Dave Fox. “With large numbers of people heading into the wilderness this summer, we urgently remind everyone to prepare carefully for their trips and understand that there are real risks out there. We know that Mr. Alderman and his loved ones have been through a lot in the last few days and we’re so glad he’s going home.”