Here’s a fact: California WILL experience longer, more severe droughts due to climate change. This will cause drinking water supplies for vulnerable communities to run dry or become contaminated — and as a result will directly threaten California’s ability to secure access to safe and affordable drinking water for all. That’s why the Community Water Center has created a NEW interactive drinking water web tool! So that communities and decision-makers can better prepare to protect drinking water during these changing conditions. 

Are you interested in knowing where your water comes from based on your home address? Or how a future drought could impact your drinking water? 

The Drinking Water Tool can help you learn:

– Where your water comes from based on your address

– Whether a future drought could impact your drinking water supply

– About the groundwater quality and supply in your area

– How to advocate for safe, clean and affordable drinking water

– How to compare information about your water with your local Groundwater Sustainability Plan

Visit to start using the Tool today.

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Based on an analysis developed for this tool, 1.6 million Californians live in areas served by private domestic wells. Many of these residents live in the Central Valley and would be affected by future droughts. The Drinking Water Tool estimates that a future drought could impact 4,500 domestic wells in the Central Valley, potentially costing the state about $115 million. This presents a serious public health crisis and undermines California’s efforts to secure the Human Right to Water for all Californians. 

We urge you to take action and help ensure communities are prepared for the next drought! For more information about drought and drinking water click here.