SACRAMENTO June 16, 2017 – As we celebrate Father’s Day this Sunday, dads are reminded that there’s an important financial option available to them so they can take time to bond with their new child – California Paid Family Leave. This innovative program provides up to six weeks of partial wage-replacement benefits for fathers who need time to bond with their new child, including newly fostered or adopted children, during the child’s important first year in the family.

The program is administered by the state’s Employment Development Department (EDD), which is working to ensure Californians are well aware of this supportive program with its “Moments Matter” public education campaign. The “Moments Matter” campaign is designed to help fathers, mothers, and caretakers understand more about California Paid Family Leave and the benefits it provides to help people take time off from work for family matters.

“New fathers can use California Paid Family Leave benefits to bond with their newest member of the family – one of life’s most memorable moments,” said EDD Director Patrick W. Henning. “Here at EDD, we’re proud to administer this important benefit for new parents and caregivers – one that California was the first in the nation to offer. We urge more new fathers to take advantage of these benefits since many have already paid for them.”

  • California’s Paid Family Leave program offers eligible dads up to six weeks of benefits within a 12-month period during the first year of fatherhood – up to 55 percent of their salary – with a maximum weekly benefit amount of $1,173 per week. The EDD offers an online benefit calculator to provide workers with an estimate of their potential weekly benefits.
  • Most dads have already paid for Paid Family Leave through State Disability Insurance paycheck deductions.
  • The leave can be used all at once, or it can be staggered or split up as needed.
  • Eligible dads also can use paid leave for time off to care for a seriously ill child.

For those family moments that matter, learn more about California Paid Family Leave benefits, eligibility, and how to apply – visit

California Paid Family Leave Numbers at a Glance:

  • In 2016, more than 70,000 fathers used Paid Family Leave to bond with a new child, and the EDD issued nearly $187 million in wage-replacement
  • Since the program began in 2004, the number of fathers using Paid Family Leave has nearly tripled, with the EDD processing more than 650,000 claims and providing more than $1.5 billion in benefits to California dads.
  • Approximately 18.1 million workers are covered by the program in California, which is funded through employee payroll deductions.