SACRAMENTO, Calif. November 2, 2018 – Secretary of State Alex Padilla released the final statewide Report of Registration ahead of the November 6, 2018, Statewide General Election. An all-time record of 19,696,371 Californians were registered to vote at the 15 day voter registration deadline on October 22, 2018. This is an increase of 1,892,548 registered voters since the last Gubernatorial Election (2014).
“It is nearly unprecedented for California to set a voter registration record in a midterm election,” Secretary of State Alex Padilla said. “Over 19.6 million Californians are registered to vote—an all-time high. It has been nearly 70 years since we’ve seen a higher percentage of eligible citizens registered to vote for a midterm election. Registering to vote is just the first step in doing your civic duty—if you’re one of the over 19.6 million registered voters in California make sure you cast your ballot by Election Day.”
Conditional Voter Registration
“There is a new opportunity for California citizens who missed the voter registration deadline — conditional voter registration,” Secretary of State Alex Padilla said.
“If you missed the regular voter registration deadline, you may not be able to vote at your local polling place or by mail, but you still have an opportunity to cast a ballot. Between now and Election Day, you can go to your county election office or a designated satellite location to complete the conditional voter registration process by filing out a voter registration card and a ballot. Once county elections officials complete the regular voter registration verification process, your ballot will be processed and your vote will be counted. This is yet another step California is taking to lead the nation in expanding voting rights and access to the ballot,” Padilla added.
Californians who are unsure of their voter registration status can quickly check it online at
The Report of Registration includes:
  • Voter registration by political party, by county, city, congressional district, state senate district, and state assembly district.
  • Statewide voter registration by age group by county.
  • Historical comparisons to previous reports in gubernatorial general election years.
  • Reports on political bodies attempting to qualify as political parties (by county).
Registration Comparison October 22, 2018 Report vs. October 20, 2014 Report