SACRAMENTO – Secretary of State Alex Padilla released the 2017 “Odd-Numbered Year Report of Registration”. A record 19,432,609 Californians are registered to vote, which is 77.92% of eligible Californians. The Report of Registration is a compilation of voter registration numbers reported by California’s 58 county elections offices. The report reflects registration data through February 10, 2017.

“Voter registration in California continues to climb, following a historic 2016 election year, where a record 14.6 million Californians cast ballots in the November General Election. Typically voter registration declines after an election,” Padilla said.

“I am proud that California citizens continue to break our state’s voter registration record. It is clear that Californians are engaged and want to be active participants in our democracy.”

“While the next statewide election is not until 2018, many counties and cities are holding local elections in 2017. It is important to make sure that your voter registration is up to date—don’t miss out on an opportunity to shape your community’s future.” Padilla added.

“Californians who need to register for the first time or re-register because they have moved or changed their name can do so in minutes by visiting If you are unsure of your voter registration status, you can easily check it at,” Padilla said.


Since the last Odd-Numbered Year Report of Registration (February 10, 2015):

  • The total voter registration in the state increased from 17,717,936 to 19,432,609.
  • The percentage of eligible Californians who are registered to vote increased from 72.7% to 77.9%.
  • The percentage of voters who have no party preference increased from 23.6% to 24.5%.
  • The percentage of voters registered with a qualified political party decreased from 75.6% to 74.9%.
  • The percentage of voters registered with the Democratic Party increased from 43.2% to 44.8%.
  • The percentage of voters registered with the Republican Party decreased from 28% to 25.9%.

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Statewide Voter Registration by Party Preference – February 10, 2017

Political Party# Registered% of Total
American Independent510,4862.63%
Peace and Freedom76,0210.39%
No Party Preference4,762,21224.5%