SACRAMENTO, Calif. September 25, 2018 – Today is National Voter Registration Day, and Secretary of State Alex Padilla is encouraging Californians to ensure they are registered ahead of the November 6, General Election.
“Whether this will be your first time voting or you’re a veteran, the first step to casting a ballot is to have up-to-date voter registration,” Secretary Padilla said. “There are many important contests and issues on this November’s ballot and I want every voter’s voice to be heard. If you are 16 or 17, you won’t be able to vote this November, but you can still pre-register to vote so you’re ready to cast a ballot as soon as you turn 18.”
“On National Voter Registration Day, I encourage all Californians to take a few minutes to ensure they are registered to vote. It’s quick, it’s easy, and you can even do it from your mobile device.”
“If you have moved or changed your name, you need to update your voter registration. If you want to change your political party preference or receive your ballot by mail, you can do so easily by updating your registration and preferences either online or using a paper form,” Padilla added.
There are 19,023,417 Californians registered to vote as of May 21. However, there are still 6.1 million eligible, but unregistered Californian citizens.
The last day to register to vote in the November 6, General Election is October 22. Californians can register to vote online at:
Californians can check their voter registration status using the “My Voter Status” tool at: