Oakland October 10, 2019 – In response to PG&E’s decision to cut power to 800,000 Californians to avoid wildfire dangers, Food & Water Action California State Director Alexandra Nagy, issued the following statement:

“Governor Newsom’s bail out of PG&E shareholders under the guise of a wildfire insurance fund is fueling the crisis we see here today. Instead, he could have used his power as Governor to take over the utility and run it to serve the residents of California and not Wall Street investors.

“Turning out the lights for weeks at a time will become the new normal for California residents unless the state takes action to build a more sustainable energy system. Distributed generation from clean, renewable energy and storage can help reduce reliance on large scale distribution lines and increase reliability–not to mention the added benefits of cleaner air, a more stable climate, and lower energy costs associated with clean, renewable energy.”