April 30, 2020 – Art Svenson, a nationally recognized political scientist and expert on constitutional law, recently wrote an essay titled “President Trump’s Impossible Brief?” published in the Daily Journal/California Lawyer.

In the piece, Svenson discusses what he describes as “Yet another constitutional showdown, this time President Trump versus governors over the reopening of America.  Governor Newsom has announced that until a number of prerequisites are met his stay-at-home mandate will remain untouched.”  

Excerpt from essay: “But the President asserts that the power to reopen America, ‘the biggest decision I’ve ever had to make,’ is a call reserved to the national government, and ‘the authority of the President of the United States having to do with this subject . . . is total.’  Then, on April 16, 2020, his ‘biggest decision’: judging that our governors ‘are all very capable people,” the President prefaced, ‘I will be authorizing each individual governor of each individual state to implement a reopening . . . in a manner as most appropriate.’

“But what if the President had judged governors ‘not very capable’ and had at that very moment authorized a reopening on his terms, who, then, would have prevailed in this reimagined constitutional showdown?  The outcome, evidently, is not in doubt: legal experts seem astounded by Trump’s claims of power, wondering where on earth they originated; said one, ‘You won’t find that written in the Federalist Papers anywhere.’  The President’s response?  ‘We’ll give you a brief if you want.’  Pity the lawyer assigned the impossible task of writing that brief.”

Svenson can speak to topics regarding the Constitution, constitutional law, and federalism. 

Biography :
Art (Arthur) Svenson is an award-winning professor at the University of Redlands, and a nationally recognized expert on the Constitution, Constitutional rights, physician-assisted suicide, medicinal marijuana, federalism, and other topics of law. He is the endowed chair of the political science department and also known for his talent as a violinist who often plays with regional symphonies.