SACRAMENTO June 1, 2018 – Secretary of State Alex Padilla released the final statewide Report of Registration ahead of the June 5, 2018, Statewide Direct Primary. As of May 21, 2018 there were 19,023,417 registered voters in California. This is an increase of 1,301,411 registered voters since the last Report of Registration at a similar point in a gubernatorial election cycle (May 19, 2014). 75.73% of eligible Californians are registered to vote. This is the highest percentage of eligible citizens registered to vote heading into a California Gubernatorial Primary in the past 64 years.

“I’m proud to see the highest percentage of eligible Californians registered and ready to vote in a gubernatorial primary in decades,” Secretary of State Alex Padilla said. “Registering to vote is just the first step. For the over 19 million California citizens who are registered to vote, the next step to participating is to cast your ballot. Only Californians who cast their vote — by mail or in person on Election Day — have a say in which measures our state adopts and which candidates are elected.”
Changes in Party Affiliation in California
For the first time, the number of voters registered with No Party Preference has surpassed those registered with the Republican Party in California. Voters registered with the Democratic Party remain the largest group.
“For years, the numbers of voters registered without a party preference has been increasing. Today’s report shows a significant milestone in the ever changing California electorate — voter’s without a party preference now outnumber registered Republicans. At the Secretary of State’s office we’re working to make it easier for all citizens to register to vote. We’ve developed a mobile friendly voter registration website, redesigned our paper voter registration forms, and have worked with the DMV to implement automatic registration.”
In 1998, voters registered without a party preference made up just 12.4% of the electorate. Since then, the share of voters registered without a party preference has doubled–jumping over 13 percentage points to 25.5%. During the same time period, Republican registrations declined from 35.8% of the electorate to just 25.1% now.
(Based on 15 Day Reports of Registration ahead of Gubernatorial Primary Elections)
Conditional Voter Registration
“There is a new opportunity for California citizens who missed the voter registration deadline — conditional voter registration,” Secretary of State Alex Padilla said.
“If you missed the regular voter registration deadline, you may not be able to vote at your local polling place or by mail, but you still have an opportunity to cast a ballot. Between now and Election Day, you can go to your county election office or a designated satellite location to complete the conditional voter registration process by filing out a voter registration card and a ballot. Once county elections officials complete the regular voter registration verification process, your ballot will be processed and your vote will be counted. This is yet another step California is taking to lead the nation in expanding voting rights and access to the ballot,” Padilla added.
Californians who are unsure of their voter registration status can quickly check it online at
The Report of Registration includes:
  • Voter registration by political party, by county, city, congressional district, state senate district, and state assembly district.
  • Statewide voter registration by age group by county.
  • Historical comparisons to previous reports in gubernatorial primary years.
  • Reports on political bodies attempting to qualify as political parties (by county).