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Systematic warming pool discovered in the Pacific due to human activities

In a study just released in the journal Nature Communications Earth and Environment, Dr. Armineh Barkhordarian confirms that this systematic warming pool is not the result of natural climatic variations – but of human influences instead. “This warming pool will continue to increase the water temperature in the future, increasing both the frequency and intensity of […]

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World’s largest freshwater fish found, released in the Cambodian Mekong River

Stung Treng, Cambodia – What has long been one of the great wildlife mysteries – the identity of the world’s largest freshwater fish – appears to have been solved last week as fishers in northern Cambodia, working with an international team of scientists, discovered a 661-pound (300 kilos) giant freshwater stingray near a remote island […]

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Resource: The 100 most polluting power plants in the U.S.

PHILADELPHIA — Ahead of the Supreme Court’s decision on West Virginia vs Environmental Protection Agency, a case that will determine the EPA’s authority to regulate climate pollution, Environment America Research & Policy Center and U.S. PIRG Education Fund are releasing a new factsheet ranking America’s dirtiest power plants. Though increased renewable energy generation has led to decreased emissions from the […]

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Study Shows How Artificial Light Affects Seasonal Rhythms of Plants in U.S. Cities

AMES, Iowa, June 13, 2022 – A new study led by Iowa State University researchers shows how artificial light has affected the natural seasonal processes of plants in urban regions of the United States. The study, published in the peer-reviewed academic journal PNAS Nexus, demonstrates how urbanization affects the natural world, resulting in noticeable changes for […]

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Hotter Kalahari desert may stop hornbills breeding by 2027

Southern Yellow-billed Hornbills struggled to breed at high temperatures. Nicholas B. Pattinson Nicholas B. Pattinson, University of Cape Town Rapid climate change has the potential to strongly influence the physiology, behaviour and breeding success of animals. Research is showing that increasing temperatures, for instance, are having negative effects on animals. These range from mass die-off […]

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Climate Research: Ultrafine Dust from Exhaust Gases of Fossil Fuels Might Cause Weather Extremes

May 31, 2022 – Strong precipitation or extreme drought – the frequency of extreme weather events is increasing worldwide. Existing climate models, however, do not adequately show their dynamics. Researchers of Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) assume that ultrafine particles in the atmosphere have a significant impact on cloud physics and, hence, on weather. Their […]

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Court Restores Wolverine Protections While Agency Reconsiders Endangered Species Decision

Missoula, MT – The wolverine has regained candidate species status under the Endangered Species Act (ESA) following a Montana District Court decision late Thursday. The Court agreed with conservation groups that the wolverine is entitled to additional ESA protections while the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) reconsiders its 2020 decision to deny a petition […]

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Climate change will make the Corn Belt unsuitable for cultivating corn by 2100 without major technological advances in agricultural practices

Climate change will make the U.S. Corn Belt unsuitable for cultivating corn by 2100 without major technological advances in agricultural practices, an Emory University study finds.  Environmental Research Letters published the research, which adds to the evidence that significant agricultural adaptation will be necessary and inevitable in the Central and Eastern United States. It is critical […]

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Validation brings new predictive capability to global megafire smoke impacts

New research modeling smoke from two recent megafires sets the stage for better forecasting of how emissions from these global-scale events will behave and impact temperatures. As huge wildfires become more common under climate change, increased attention has focused on the intensity and duration of their emissions, which rival those of some volcano eruptions. Megafires […]

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More than 1 in 5 reptile species are threatened with extinction

Conservation efforts for other animals have likely helped protect many reptile species, according to a new study led by scientists at NatureServe and other organizations. The study, published in the journal Nature, presents an analysis of the first comprehensive extinction risk assessment for reptiles on the International Union for Conservation of Nature Red List of Threatened Species. It […]

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Protected areas saw dramatic spikes in fires during COVID lockdowns, study finds

The number of fires inside protected conservation areas across the island of Madagascar shot up dramatically when COVID-19 lockdowns led to the suspension of any on-site management for five months during 2020. The findings suggest that governments should consider keeping some staff in protected areas at all times as an “essential service”, even during periods […]

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Arizona OKs Uranium Mining Permit That Puts Grand Canyon’s Groundwater, Springs at Risk

GRAND CANYON NATIONAL PARK, AZ — The Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ) approved an aquifer protection permit late Thursday, April 28, 2022 for a uranium mine near Grand Canyon National Park. The mine, owned by Energy Fuels Resources, has a history of flooding as it depletes shallow groundwater aquifers that express at South Rim springs. It also threatens […]

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Using citizen science data to investigate unseasonal flowering in Joshua trees

In November 2019, visitors to Joshua Tree National Park in California encountered a strange sight. Joshua trees and the closely related Mojave yuccas, which normally remain reproductively dormant until late spring, were in full bloom at the tail end of autumn. In a new study published in Scientific Reports, U.S. National Science Foundation-funded researchers at the Florida Museum of Natural […]

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