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Doctors group: House GOP health plan is re-branded and far meaner version of ACA

March 9, 2017 – The ‘American Health Care Act’ perpetuates the basic structure of the Affordable Care Act, including the subsidization of the private health insurance industry, while cutting benefits to the poor and middle class, and giving hundreds of billions in tax breaks to the rich Physicians for a National Health Program decries the […]

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State-by-State Interactive: How Much Federal Funding Sanctuary Cities Could Lose at the Hands Trump Administration

WASHINGTON, March 8, 2017 — In an executive order issued on January 25, President Donald Trump directed the Office of Management and Budget to compile a list of federal funds given to sanctuary jurisdictions. Though it does not specifically list what sources of funding are at risk, the order also directed the U.S. attorney general […]

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AILA: No Matter How Written, a Muslim and Refugee Ban Won’t Make U.S. Safe

WASHINGTON, DC, March 6, 2017 – The American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) denounced President Trump’s rewritten Executive Order, which is again based on the false premise that barring Muslims and refugees from coming to America will make the country safer. The ban was revised in an effort to get around the court orders that blocked […]

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Rachel Maddow Show Exclusive: New DHS Document Undermines Trump Case for Travel Ban

March 2, 2017 – The Rachel Maddow Show has obtained, exclusively, a Department of Homeland Security intelligence assessment document. The document, from the Office of Intelligence and Analysis, makes the case that most foreign-born, U.S.-based violent extremists are likely not radicalized when they come to the U.S., but rather become radicalized after living in the […]

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UN expert urges consistent policies for US on indigenous peoples’ rights for projects like Dakota Access Pipeline

WASHINGTON, D.C. / GENEVA March 3, 2017 – A UN human rights expert has called on all levels of government in the United States to adopt consistent practices when consulting with indigenous tribes on projects that could affect their rights, like the Dakota Access Pipeline. The appeal was made by the United Nations Special Rapporteur […]

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Immigration Debate: Trump’s Joint Congressional Address; Revised Muslim and Refugee Ban; Deportations Continue

March 2, 2017 – While the President pretends to be open to immigration reform, his enforcement agents are ramping up, deportations continue, the Muslim and refugee ban is expected imminently, and another young DACA recipient, this one in Mississippi, has been arrested and detained. It is against this backdrop that advocates and policy experts gave […]

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Crime Reporters And Experts Rip Misleading Trump Immigrant Crime Office

March 2, 2017 – Crime reporters and criminologists say President Donald Trump’s new federal office devoted to crimes committed by immigrants is unnecessary and that creating such an entity is misleading since foreign-born residents actually commit fewer crimes than most native citizens. They also urged journalists covering the issue and the president’s claims that immigrant crime is a major issue to […]

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Updated Report Finds Undocumented Immigrants Annually Pay $11.74 Billion in State and Local Taxes

March 2, 2017 – A newly updated report released today provides data that helps dispute the erroneous idea espoused during President Trump’s address to Congress that undocumented immigrants are a drain to taxpayers. In fact, like all others living and working in the United States, undocumented immigrants are taxpayers too and collectively contribute an estimated […]

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Sportsmen’s groups issue joint statement in support for the Clean Water Rules

WASHINGTON, D.C. Feb. 24, 2017– Today President Trump issued an executive order directing the EPA and Army Corps of Engineers to revise their 2015 Clean Water Rule, which was created to clarify protections for headwater streams and wetlands under the Clean Water Act. The order directs the agencies to consider using former Supreme Court Justice Antonin […]

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National Leaders, Groups, Individuals File Briefs in Supreme Court Supporting Gavin Grimm and Transgender Rights

WASHINGTON, March 2, 2017 – Today, individuals and institutions from across the country representing a diverse and extraordinary cross-section of interests, perspectives, and concerns filed friend-of-court briefs in support of Gavin Grimm, a 17-year-old high school student from Virginia whose case against his school board over their refusal to allow him access to the boys’ […]

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ACLU Calls for Investigation Into Potential Perjury by Sessions

NEW YORK, March 2, 2017— Following reports that Attorney General Jeff Sessions had contact with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak during the 2016 presidential campaign, the America Civil Liberties Union is calling for an investigation into whether Sessions perjured himself during his confirmation hearing. ACLU Executive Director Anthony D. Romero issued the following statement: “Jeff Sessions […]

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Democracy 21 Files Second Complaint against AG Sessions for Recusal Failure with DOJ’s Office of Professional Responsibility

March 2, 2017 – Democracy 21 sent a second complaint this morning to the Justice Department’s Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR) that called on OPR “to make immediate public findings that Attorney General Jeff Sessions must immediately recuse himself from any Department of Justice investigations and actions relating to the Russian role in the 2016 […]

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Zinke Approved for Secretary of the Interior; Conservationists Concerned about Protections for Endangered Wildlife and Public Lands

WASHINGTON March 1, 2017 – Former Montana Rep. Ryan Zinke was confirmed by the U.S. Congress today as the new Secretary of the Interior under the Trump administration. Rep. Zinke has a worrisome record as a member of the House of Representatives, having voted against protections for endangered wildlife and public lands. Defenders sent a […]

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