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Squirrel, Plumas NF. Two miles north of Quincy, CA. Timber and brush. Two miles north of Quincy, CA. Timber and brush. Minimal fire behavior. Road, trail and area closures in effect. Reduction in acreage due to more accurate mapping.

August 25, 2017 at 7:21 AM

Fire behavior has been significantly reduced as fire crews mop up and secure lines. Minimal fire growth is anticipated with creeping and smoldering fire behavior, however the predicted warming trend could lead to increased fire behavior in isolated pockets of heavy fuels.

Firefighting resources continue to be released to assist with other fires.

August 23, 2017 at 10:04 AM

Good progress continues to made on both the Toll Fire and Squirrel Fire. The Toll Fire is 58 acres and is 85% contained. The reduction in acres from yesterday is due to more accurate mapping of the fire’s perimeter.

The Squirrel Fire is 300 acres and is 75% contained. The full containment date on both fires is now expected on 8/27/17.

Families evacuated on Sunday were allowed to return home yesterday evening. Power has been restored to those homes. Oakland Camp remains closed. The Oakland Camp Road, Mt. Hough Road, and the Mt. Hough game refuge also remain closed to the public.

Temperatures today are expected to be in the low to mid 90’s and winds will be out of the southwest around 7 mph.

August 22, 2017 at 9:20 AM

Good fire line progress has been made on the 70 acre Toll Fire and it is now 40% contained. Heavy fuel loading on the 300 acre Squirrel Fire is challenging firefighters with control issues. With 5% containment, the steep, rocky, and difficult terrain is challenging the efforts to construct direct line.

The fires are burning in old fire scars with reproduction brush up to 6-8 ft. high. Heavy down slash is contributing to fire line intensity. A high snag ratio is contributing to the chance of spotting.

Today’s forecast is for thunderstorms, temperatures 93-98, low humidity of 15-20%. There is potential for new fire starts across the forest.

August 21, 2017 at 8:36 AM

Squirrel fire, 250 acres, 30% contained. Burning in timber and brush. Separate fire in the immediate area. Toll fire 50 acres, 90% contained. Mandatory evacuations remain in place for nearby residences and the Oakland Camp Recreation Area. Threat to critical communications and power infrastructure and water shed.

Plumas National Forest Facebook update:

American Valley is cloaked in smoke again as the evening inversion has pushed the haze toward the valley floor. As the inversion lifts, so too will the smoke. According to the Incident Commander, the Squirrel Fire stands at 250 acres this am while the Toll Fire is checked in at 50 acres. The Squirrel is located to the north/northeast of the railroad tracks while the Toll is south/southwest of same.  A small spot off the Toll is named Cascade.

Firefighters are working to construct direct lines where it is safe to do on all fires while mopping up and securing yesterday’s control lines. This is steep and treacherous terrain, critically dry fuels due to drought stress; this is an area known for its fire history as you can tell from the repeated burn scars on the hill.

Winds are expected to shift from southeast to seasonally southwest. There continues to be good humidity recovery at night.

August 20, 2017 at 11:21 PM

Plumas National Forest Facebook update:

11:00pm- Wow! What a difference a few hours makes!!!!!! After a nail biting federal/local investigation, an arrest has been made in regards to various local fires including the Minerva and today’s Toll Fire. Jeffery Cameron Schmid, of Quincy, has been arrested by the Plumas County Sheriff. While more details will be forthcoming from the Plumas County DA and US Marshalls in Sacramento, a huge thank-you is due all of the Law Enforcement Officers that have been working tirelessly on this case! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! Sleep well………

10:00pm – Dispatch reports the fire is about 100 acres currently; it’s time to get a good night’s sleep all.

9:25pm – While the Toll Fire remains about 1/2 mile below the 25N14 road, fire managers expect it will hit it overnight. Expect to see the fire making short runs up the ridge…..always looks more scary at night…..We have some Redding smokejumpers here on the Squirrel Fire, in fact we have a retired smokejumper working in our Plumas NF Dispatch Center, keeping us safe and sane.

8:30pm – Whew. Fire managers are making plans for tonight and tomorrow as resources roll back into the community. Medical support, porta-potties, food, water… everything is being put in place. Evacuees, there are structure engines in place near your homes. Tomorrow, expect road closures in and around the fire area for firefighter and community protection.

August 20, 2017 at 8:15 PM

Approximately 5 fires burning in close proximity for a total of 190 acres. The Toll fire is the largest at 100 acres with a rapid rate of spread. Mandatory evacuations are in place for the fire area. Evacuations have been completed for the Oakland Camp Recreation area. Powerlines and Union Pacific rail lines are threatened with train traffic closed in the fire area.

A mandatory evacuation order was issued for the Oakland Camp area. An evacuation center has been set up at the Plumas County Fairgrounds.

Air tankers and helicopters have been working the fires. Crews are making progress on constructing handline and laying hose on the flanks of the fires. Fire behavior is moderate with uphill runs and intermittent tree torching.

Plumas National Forest Facebook updates:

7:30pm – Over the years, we’ve learned that it’s time to breathe when the radios are quiet. It means resources are in place and firefighters are steadily doing their job. The latest update indicates the Toll Fire remains about 50 acres and the rate of spread has moderated from earlier growth. If you’ve evacuated, rest now and know the firefighters are doing their very best to protect the homes you cherish.

View of the Toll and Squirrel fires from Quincy. PNF photo

6:50pm – PG&E reports power has been shut off in power lines. A relief for firefighters. Please know there are two main columns, the Squirrel Fire to the northwest and the Toll Fire to the south east as you are looking north/northwest from downtown Quincy. It has been determined there is no third fire in between the two, just a spotfire ahead of the Toll. Air resources have knocked it down.

6:20pm – Oakland Camp successfully evacuated. Plumas County Sheriff has asked motorists to stay away from Chandler, Quincy Junction and Oakland Camp Roads.

5:50pm – Per air attack (eyes in the sky) the Toll Fire is about 35-40 acres and has moderated slightly. Firefighters have hose lays going up right and left flanks. The fire is spotting a bit ahead of the fire front. There is a smaller fire called Cashman in between the Toll and Squirrel fires. The sheriff has notified us that the Plumas Sierra County Fairgrounds has been opened as an Evacuation Center. Air tankers have been making drops. Smoke is extremely visible in the Indian Valley and American Valley vicinity.

5:45pm – PG&E is shutting down lines in vicinity of fire as is the railroad (rails). Multiple strike teams of engines have been ordered along with additional air tankers. The second fire to the north is called the Squirrel Fire; it’s column is easily discernible to the northwest of the Toll Fire.

5:30pm – Several other smokes have been reported along the Spanish Creek trail. Motorists are urged to avoid the area to allow evacuees and fire resources ingress and egress. Oakland Camp and residents along Oakland Camp Road are being evacuated.

5:10pm – Toll Fire is about 25-30 acres according to air attack, and headed to ridgetop. Evacuations in the Oakland Camp area are continuing. Additional air tankers have been ordered. Smoke from the fire is visible in American and Indian Valleys. A second fire (T25N, R9E, Sec 25) (about 10 acres) has been reported to the northwest (follow railroad tracks) of the Toll Fire. Several other smaller smokes have been reported along the Spanish Creek trail.

Plumas National Forest firefighters are responding to a several acre fire (Toll Fire) in the vicinity of Spanish Creek trailhead in T25N, R11E, Sec 31 near Oakland Camp. Multiple engines, helicopter and an air tanker are heading to the fire. Structure protection engines are en route and some evacuations are occurring.