GRAND CANYON, AZ, Aug. 21, 2018 – Emmy-nominated actress Yvonne Strahovski (“The Handmaid’s Tale”) stars in a new video out today calling for protection of the Grand Canyon from toxic uranium mining. The actress recently joined a Sierra Club outing to the Grand Canyon region with her husband, actor Tim Loden, to experience the wonder of Arizona’s immense national park and to see first-hand the need to permanently protect it.

“The crown jewel of our national park system is at risk. Soon uranium mining could be allowed on the public lands surrounding the Grand Canyon. Uranium mining puts our waterways at risk of radioactive contamination, threatening wildlife and human health,” says Strahovski in the video. “Tribal Nations in the Grand Canyon region support the ban on uranium mining to protect waters, wildlife, and cultural resources. We need to protect our public lands and the benefits they provide.”

An avid outdoorswoman, Strahovski is a Sierra Club Ambassador who grew up in Australia, spending considerable time in the wild climbing, canyoning, and caving. Two years ago, she vowed to reconnect with nature and has been traveling extensively throughout the U.S., exploring our national parks and public lands, which she often documents on her personal Instagram account.

YouTube video

Right now, attempts are underway to allow dangerous uranium and other mining on the public lands surrounding Grand Canyon. There are temporary protections in place that need to be made permanent in order to protect surrounding communities and waterways from radioactive contamination. Our public lands should be protected for their cultural and natural resources, public enjoyment, and recreation, not sold off to the dirty energy industry.

Grand Canyon is vital to the economy, supports jobs, and provides an outdoor experience and connection to nature unlike any other. To learn more about the Sierra Club and its work to protect Grand Canyon and other national parks and monuments, please visit