New York, NY, December 43, 2018  On the heels of the alarming federal report on climate change, mayors, activists and environmentally conscious celebrities will stand with Michael R. Bloomberg this week for nationwide screenings of Bloomberg Philanthropies newest environmental documentary PARIS TO PITTSBURGH. As world leaders come together again on December 3rd in Poland for the COP24 (Conference of Parties) to discuss ambitious action against climate change, one country will be notably absent: the United States. However, PARIS TO PITTSBURGH sends the message that America is not walking away from climate action.

This evening, six U.S. cities will simultaneously screen the film – many with their mayors introducing the film – in an effort to boost the national conversation about the imperative of cities, states and citizens seeking ways to combat climate change. Audiences in the cities of Charleston, Des Moines, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, New York and Orlando will see PARIS TO PITTSBURGH ahead of the film’s global release on December 12 at 9pm ET/PT on National Geographic. Des Moines will screen the film on December 4 and additional screenings are scheduled in Puerto Rico, London and during COP24 in Poland.

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Named Inc. Magazine’s best business documentary of 2018, PARIS TO PITTSBURGH focuses on the incredible action individuals, communities, businesses and local governments in the U.S. have undertaken to combat the threat of climate change in their own backyards in the wake of the Trump Administration’s withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement. The film explores the very real social and economic effects of climate change-fueled disasters – from America’s heartland to the nation’s coastlines and the island of Puerto Rico. The premise of the documentary is based on a Twitter response from Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto to President Trump the moment he pulled out of the Paris Agreement.

With devastating fires and hurricanes occurring with more frequency as the planet warms; the new federal report in which 300 scientists warn of the financial devastation and innumerable lives at risk as a result of climate change if more isn’t done soon; and a national debate raging over the United States’ energy future, the film poignantly captures what’s at stake for communities around the country and their commitment to effecting real change in reducing carbon emissions.

Michael R. Bloomberg, founder of Bloomberg Philanthropies, UN Special Envoy for Climate Action and former Mayor of New York City, said: “With Washington asleep at the switch, local governments, states, businesses, and citizens from across the political spectrum are taking steps to tackle climate change and build a bright future for our country. This film tells their stories – and it drives home the message that fighting climate change makes our economy stronger, creates jobs, and saves lives by cleaning the air we breathe. We need more leadership from Washington on climate change, but Americans aren’t waiting around for it.”

Courteney Monroe, CEO, National Geographic Global Networks, said: “National Geographic has a 130-year legacy of inspiring people to care about the planet. On the heels of the recent federal report on climate change, we believe it is more critical than ever to create a global conversation about climate and to provide people with tangible ways they can help make a difference. For us, it is not enough to just create this type of important, thought-provoking content. We need to be equally committed to ensuring it reaches the widest audience possible; thus, we hope that the nationwide screenings of PARIS TO PITTSBURGH will be a catalyst that drives continued and much-needed awareness.”

Rhea Suh, President of the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), said:         “America’s cities are committed to winning the fight against climate change. They are watching floods, drought and wildfires impact their residents. They know investing in clean energy will not only help avoid the worst impacts, but boost local economies and create jobs. And they aren’t waiting for Washington to act. This film shows the inspiring work already happening in cities across the country to keep our climate promise to rest of the world and give our children hope for a better future.”

Attendees expected to join Bloomberg and Suh at various screenings include Edward Norton, Alan Alda, Mariska Harigtay, Peter Hermann, Walt Disney Chairman and NRDC Board Chair Alan Horn, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto, Zero Hour’s Iris Fen Gillingham and Jamie Margolin, Katherine Oliver, Joe Berlinger, Emmy Award winning directors Michael Bonfiglio and Sidney Beaumont, Radical Media’s Jon Kamen and Frank Scherma, and many more.

To show its support for PARIS TO PITTSBURGH, America’s beloved folk band, The Avett Brothers, recorded for the film its own iconic take of Woody Guthrie’s anthem “This Land is Your Land,” whose message continues to resonate today. The film is narrated by Emmy-Award winning actress Rachel Brosnahan of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.

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PARIS TO PITTSBURGH is produced by the Academy Award and Emmy-winning production company RadicalMedia, in partnership with Bloomberg Philanthropies. The film is co- directed by Emmy Award winner Sidney Beaumont and Emmy Award winning filmmaker Michael Bonfiglio.  Beaumont also produced the film. Executive Producers are Academy Award-nominated filmmaker Joe Berlinger, Jon Kamen and Katherine Oliver. Co-producers are Lindsay Firestone and Katie Dunn. Antha Williams of the Bloomberg Philanthropies environment program served as a consulting producer.

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