NEVADA CITY, Calif. February 4, 2016 – The agenda for the February 9th meeting has been published, complete with the clarifying language for the proposed ballot measure regarding the outdoor cultivation ban of medical marijuana.

The agenda item

SCHEDULED ITEM: 1:30 P.M.  Alison Barratt-Green, County Counsel

[UPDATE:] Supervisor Weston will be in Crescent City during the February 9th meeting.  The Board of Supervisors/Clerk of the Board in Del Norte County has reserved the Multi-Purpose room in their Administration Building for teleconferencing during the meeting for the 1:30 Scheduled Agenda Item so that Supervisor Weston may attend.  The Agenda will be posted at the County of Del Norte Administration Building, 981 H Street, Suite 130, Crescent City, CA 95531.

31. SR 16-0189 Consider Resolutions related to the County-initiated ballot measure regarding restrictions on Marijuana Cultivation.

31a. SR 16-0187 Resolutions clarifying the intent of the Board of Supervisors with respect to the County-initiated ballot measure Regarding Restrictions on Marijuana Cultivation, providing direction regarding the submission of written arguments for and against the ballot measure, and providing direction regarding preparation of a fiscal impact statement.

31b. SR 16-0188 Resolution amending Resolution 16-038 regarding the ballot question for the ballot measure Regarding Restrictions on Marijuana Cultivation scheduled for the June  7, 2016, General Election.

The supporting documents

Staff Memo Ballot measure regarding Marijuana Cultivation

1. Staff Report re MJ Initiative Clarification (BOS 2-9-16).pdf,
2. Reso 1 MJ Ballot Measure clarification (BOS 2-9-16) final.pdf,
3. Reso 16-038 MJ Ballot Measure.pdf

The proposed question for the ballot measure reads as follows:

Shall an ordinance be adopted which (a) bans outdoor cultivation, commercial cultivation and other commercial cannabis activities, (b) limits indoor cultivation to 12 plants per parcel in residential and rural areas, (c) prohibits indoor marijuana cultivation in unpermitted structures and areas used or intended for human occupancy, and (d) allows marijuana cultivation only by qualified patients and primary caregivers and only for medicinal purposes?

The Supervisors will debate and vote on the language starting at 1:30 pm in their Chambers. The public is invited to participate. The Board Chambers has a limited seating capacity, due to the expected large audience the meeting will be broadcast in the lobby of the Rood Center to comply with the Fire Marshal’s safety regulations. Doors will open around 1:20 p.m.