GRASS VALLEY, Calif. February 15, 2016 – RESOLUTION 1-2016

SUPPORT FOR June 2016 Nevada County Marijuana Ballot Measure W

WHEREAS, the Nevada County Board of Supervisors, adopted Ordinance 2349 in April 2012 that limited the growth of marijuana and defined conditions under which it could be grown in Nevada County, and

WHEREAS, Nevada County Voters, at the November 2014 General Election, resoundingly defeated measure S, an Americans for Safe Access (ASA) initiative to expand commercial marijuana cultivation and replace Ordinance 2349, and

WHEREAS, since the adoption of Ordinance 2349 and through December of 2015, the citizens of Nevada County endured an expansion of commercial marijuana cultivation far beyond the parameters set by Ordinance 2349, causing unhealthy and unsafe living conditions for neighborhoods and harm to the environment.

WHEREAS, Nevada County has become a magnet attracting large commercial growers from other areas who have come to take advantage of the liberal rules and policies embedded in Ordinance 2349, and

WHEREAS, citizens of Nevada County have suffered negative financial and other harm to their neighborhoods, and law enforcement and prosecution efforts for abuse of Ordinance 2349 have required an increasing amount of Nevada County resources to enforce the law to protect citizens, and

WHEREAS, the State adopted AB266 in Oct. 2015 that empowered counties to set local rules to deal with the impacts of marijuana, and

WHEREAS, it became necessary for the Board of Supervisors to present to the voters, at the June 2016 Primary Election, a ballot measure that bans all commercial marijuana activity and outdoor cultivation of marijuana, and allows 12 indoor plants for patients personal medical purposes under controlled conditions with a legitimate recommendation from their recommending physician,

NOW LET IT BE RESOLVED, that the Nevada County Republican Party supports the action by the Board of Supervisors banning commercial marijuana activities and outdoor cultivation of marijuana and encourages all voters to support Measure W on the June 7, 2016 primary election ballot.

Adopted by the Nevada County Republican Party at their regular meeting held on Wednesday, February 10, 2016 in Nevada City.

Deborah E.G. Wilder, Chairman, Nevada County Republican Party
Donna Burley, Secretary, Nevada County Republican Party