NEVADA CITY, Calif. February 24, 2016 – Yesterday’s Nevada County Board of Supervisors (BOS) meeting started at 10:00 am and by 11:30 a lengthy public comment period came to a close. The majority of speakers pleaded with the BOS to carve an exception for sick children into the outdoor cultivation ban ballot measure. At the end of the comment period, District 5 Supervisor Richard Anderson had a question for Chair Dan Miller: “So, just to clarify, there is no appetite to agendize an item for March 8th that reflects that?” Miller dismissed the idea with a “Not yet.”

But, what if?

Technically, the BOS could decide to agendize a vote on removing Measure W from the June ballot for their March 8th meeting. The deadline for withdrawing a measure from the June ballot is March 11.

Chair Miller stated he has not received any written requests to rescind the ballot measure – as of yesterday. As the Chair, he controls the agenda and can decide to add individual board member items to the agenda. From a practical standpoint, all agenda items have to be ready to go a week in advance of the meeting. The Chair and staff conduct the agenda review on the Monday preceding a BOS meeting. The final agenda is published on the Thursday prior to a meeting,  March 4th for the upcoming meeting.

Who can request an item to be agendized?

Any Nevada County resident can request of their supervisor to bring an item to the BOS. The supervisor is not obligated to grant the request. If a supervisor agrees to add an item to a future agenda, the ultimate decision still lies with the Chair. Time constraints, especially during already packed calendars, can prevent an item from making it onto an agenda. Also, the BOS has rules for individual board member items, spelled out in the  Order and Decorum of Board Business for 2016:


All individual Board items should be discussed with the Chair before agenda review. Any Board members’ agenda item shall be submitted through the agenda review process prior to scheduling with the Clerk of the Board. All items will be reviewed for completeness. Sufficient supporting documents must be provided in a timely manner before being placed on the agenda so that appropriate Department Heads may become involved. Items must meet the established scheduling requirements. No more than two items per Board member will be considered at a Board meeting.

An action taken at a prior meeting should not be reconsidered without consent by a Board member who voted in the majority at that prior meeting.

How to contact your Supervisor

Contact your district Supervisor, preferably via email or mail. If you don’t know who represents you, you can find out here.

The mailing address for all Supervisors:

Eric Rood Administrative Center
950 Maidu Avenue
Nevada City CA 95959


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