NEVADA CITY, Calif. June 14, 2016 – The Nevada County Board of Supervisors has modified the parameters for a meeting to discuss the mechanics of removing the outdoor cultivation ban on marijuana after the failure of Measure W.

A pre-process planning meeting will be held on Wednesday at the Rood Center. A small group of stakeholders has been invited to meet with Supervisors Nate Beason and Hank Weston. The goal of the meeting is to clarify the process needed to repeal the outdoor growing ban and amend or replace the existing urgency ordinance.

The meeting will center on the legal options available and the best way to achieve a short-term solution for the current growing season.

Representatives from the local media have been invited to attend, we will report on the outcome of the meeting.

At a later date, the initial stakeholder group will be joined by others to work on a permanent ordinance.

Editor’s note: YubaNet appreciates the supervisor’s willingness to accede to our request to be present at this initial meeting and we applaud the county’s renewed effort to conduct this process in a transparent way. We also appreciate the various stakeholders’ commitment to craft a workable solution for the whole community. Onward!