April 22, 2016 – The Nevada County Democratic Central Committee (NCDCC) voted at its Regular membership meeting on April 21, 2016 to support a NO VOTE ON MEASURE W in Nevada County.

An outdoor ban on growing any form of marijuana in Nevada County was passed by the Nevada County Board of Supervisors on January 12, 2016. This ban includes a ban on the legal growing of Medical Marijuana that has been legal in California for roughly two decades, and California has just completed statewide guidelines for licensing, taxing and regulating Medical Marijuana.

As stated on the California Growers Association web site, “In 2015 the California state legislature passed a historic bi-partisan framework to regulate cannabis. By participating in this program Nevada County will be able to build active relationships with state agencies to improve public safety, professionalize the cannabis workforce and protect watersheds.”

“There is no need for hasty bans and inconsiderate, thoughtless policies. We have time to do the hard work. The community is ready to collaborate and solve problems. It is time that our local government rise(s) to the challenge. Without leadership from the Board of Supervisors our community will continue to be plagued by the negative impacts of unregulated and criminal cultivation.”

Nevada County can move forward in the 21st Century and work with the rest of California stakeholders while avoiding this local government overreach. Or, it can go back to prohibition, criminal activity, unneeded law enforcement expenses, and an economy that can’t meet the needs of current or future populations.

For more info call (530) 265-3367 or click on www.nevadacountydemocrats.com. Or go to the web site: www.defeatw.com